Dancing in Abandoned Places with Austen Browne

I can remember when I first found Austen Browne’s work on Instagram. The ability to upload video was still relatively new to the app, and I was searching for creative videos to feature on an account I’d cleverly dubbed “@creativevideo”. It was...

The Storytellers Vol. 12

To all the clowns out there, please do not take offence by what I am about to say, you see, looking at you makes me sad, not happy at all . . .

Life is full of surprises… by Marina Sersale

Of all the things I could do in my life, I never imagined that a photography exhibition in Tehran would be one of them. Instead, a few weeks ago I found myself (@eauditalie) on a plane bound for Tehran, for the first group exhibition of Hikari Creative, the photography collective that Q. Sakamaki, Ako Salemi, Eric Mencher and I launched on Instagram in December 2014.

A New Pair of Eyes

Being born and raised in Jakarta, there have been times in the past I have complained about the city. Jakarta’s traffic can be crazy, the unending line of malls everywhere can be dull and the pollution is bad too. Nonetheless, I have learned to look at my city with a new pair of eyes.

The Storytellers Vol. 11

They silently screamed, reaching for the last rays of light. The sun slowly faded behind the clouds. A sun whose warmth they would not feel for another season . . .

Studying Life Through The Lens by Antonio Denti

As a photographer, I study the lives of others as as a profession. The people I have photographed were the ones really affected by what was happening. In every place and situation, even though I was there, I was the least affected. What allowed me to feel that I could look at them in the eyes and keep working was not a moral motive, but a personal one.

Barbie’s secret life

It’s a muffled world in which Barbie lives, far away from the limelight; a full collection of 48 dolls is shown in elegant images where vibrant colours are softened by dim light. It’s a gallery full of details where Maria Soldi accompanies her delicate images with words both personal and borrowed. Barbie is shown to us in her everyday life. There’s nothing spectacular in what she does, but she is magical, like special people are. This Barbie is us.

The Storytellers Vol. 10

Ed waited all day for his ex wife to drop off his daughter Chloe. Surrounded by so many people, but feeling so alone. Once again Ed would spend his birthday in solitude.