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Forgiveness by Bill Draheim and William Gosline

This fictional piece is Bill Draheim's second guest article for Grryo. You can read the first one here. Forgiveness When I saw it was Boris walking the median—that big loping stride, the buzzed head with the white scar at the heel of his skull—I pulled over. The...

The Machine’s God

Bill Draheim became familiar with Rachel Gardner after reading her comment on William Gosline's Spectictulive Fiction piece, The Ship, which included his photography as an integral part of the story. Rachel then challenged Bill to come up with six photos that best...

Honest Moments by Caleb Stumpfl

A word from Caleb: I'm pretty lucky to have creative friends, Nina being one of them. Last month we started talking about making a film together and the rest is history. The final product was following her around Minneapolis for a day, documenting it all. Having a...

Latest Stories

Forest for the Trees

worship adoring reverence or regard Deference. If asked, "What is your house of worship? Where do you find comfort and solace?", my answer would be, “The forest." I have always felt sheltered and present in the woods. Dysphoria melts into mindfulness. I am happily...

Good Friday Procession by Magdalena de Jonge Malucha

Holy Week (Semana Santa) is definitely the biggest, most prominent celebration in Spain. It is also the most important period of the year, immersed in a wide array of emotions. Spanish people always find time to experience unusual processions - re-enactments of the...

Tango by Titika Røtkjær

One two three four Cross Six seven eight. Balance, lean, follow, Be aware, Corazón y alma, Relax, and keep the tension. Open the door, Walk, walk, walk, It's all coming back; Two three four; In a new way; A new way; Listen to the rhythm, Sense the beauty, Feel the...

Pas de deux, part 1

This story begins with two photographers: the first one, Christian, a Frenchman  living in Arcachon, a little town on the Ocean, 70 km away from Bordeaux. The second one, Valeria, an Italian living in Milan. They have met by chance in the virtual land of an app called...

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