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‘Tis a Jolly Grryo Christmas

What does a Grryo Christmas look like? We asked each member of the Grryo Lead team to share their heartfelt experiences... Romina's story For me, so much about the Christmas season is about the sacredness of time. As soon as December arrives, I am hit with an...

We Wish you a Merry Grryo

What does Christmas mean to you? Do you look forward to this season earnestly or is it a mere family ritual and gathering that you do every year?... Here at Grryo, all of us in the team, come from different countries across the globe with distinct backgrounds. In this...

Life is full of surprises… by Marina Sersale

Of all the things I could do in my life, I never imagined that a photography exhibition in Tehran would be one of them. Instead, a few weeks ago I found myself (@eauditalie) on a plane bound for Tehran, for the first group exhibition of Hikari Creative, the photography collective that Q. Sakamaki, Ako Salemi, Eric Mencher and I launched on Instagram in December 2014.

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Storytellers Vol. 18 for February 2018

The Grryo community believes that every picture has a story, and that we are all storytellers by nature. Each week, on Wednesdays, we challenge our Instagram community with a story prompt and ask our followers to stop by and leave a line or two of fiction to accompany the featured photograph. At the end of the month, our four favorite stories are published, along with the photos, on our website. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you. So come and browse through this digest and join us next month!

The Marigoldroadblog Project by Adjoa Wiredu

For three years now, I have been interviewing people, taking pictures and writing down some of my thoughts and experiences about Tottenham, the place I grew up in. To state that Tottenham is undergoing major changes would be an understatement. Last year I was writing...

Storytellers Vol. 17 for January 2018

Based on the idea that “every picture tells a story,” we here at Grryo feature a photo of particular interest each week on our Instagram account. Chosen from thousands of submissions tagged to our page each month, the four most interesting are chosen for the unspoken...

Concerning life and light, death and miracles

I woke up in a dimly lit room. I was amazed to be alive! M was there. He touched my face and kissed me. “She’s awake,” a nurse said, and added, “she’s too cold.” Another nurse placed a pre-heated blanket on my stomach under the quilt. A little later the first nurse...

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