Seeking the Childhood Magic by Susanne Maude

I‘ve always loved stories. I love listening to them, reading, and writing them, but I only started taking pictures after my first child was born. I shot to document, to remember the moments, how the light hit the green walls on our bedroom, how she smiled and waved her fingers towards the window when she woke up. The first steps, first everything. Those were the kind of pictures I wanted to have when I couldn’t sleep and was afraid I wouldn’t remember any of it.

Aerial Nudes and iPhone by John Crawford

Between 1981 and 1986 I completed a series of 18 images. All were shot on 35mm colour negative, from a helicopter from about 1000 feet. Each image was meticulously planned and propped before jumping in the chopper. No post cropping or photoshop was used. I didn’t own a computer, everything was created in camera… Now on to the present time and my beautiful obsession with smartphone photography which kicked off with the first iPhone in 2007. At present all of my personal work is created on the iPhone.

Brief Encounter with the Jazz Devil by Jonė Reed

He called himself Jazz Devil. “Hello my name’s Barry I’m a music guy and I wear hats” he said “I like your work – would you shoot me in your street/portrait style”? …I just started shooting him – he laughed and said: oh you’re quick… straight to work, let me put my sunglasses on – he wouldn’t be photographed without them – his trademark.

The HongKongers by Nicolas Petit

There are old men with birdcages and women in pleather trousers with poodles; children asleep over their homework on a temporary table set up streetside as a night tram trundles by, the neighbourhoods still alive with the breath of the night… There is a name for those who have chosen this place as home. The Hong Kongers.

The Power of 10: First Images From the New Amazing #HTC10

Congratulations to the HTC team on the launch (today April 12, 2016) of their new flagship phone, the HTC 10.  The HTC 10 is much anticipated and is noted in many preliminary lists of the best smart phones in 2016. The 10 is a great phone for mobile photographers....

Solitude in Peace: This is @__circo

Everything perfectly balanced and nothing left to chance, and long waits for the missing character: this is Juan Sebastián Alcalá Ortiz, @__circo on Instagram. We have asked him to share with us how he creates these extraordinary shots.

Sunday Abstracts : February + March

Grryo believes that abstract artists deserve to be recognised. Every Sunday join us in celebrating creative photography and art, from collage, design, multi layered textural compositions, to minimal colour pieces. We want to see diversity and images that cross and merge the boundaries of our imaginations.

We hope to support the abstract arts community by having a place for artists to share imagery that goes beyond the everyday snapshot and pixel and is transformed into a digital artwork that makes you feel something. Abstract art needs to be seen and experienced.

Intimacy and photography by Buku Sarkar

I mostly photograph in a big slum, the largest Muslim slum, in Calcutta.  Narrow alleys, no wider than the width of one person, separate little houses. There are no doors to these houses, only curtains. The alleyways are dark, even at night, only a light shining...