Borrowed Time Chapter One

Borrowed Time Chapter Two

Borrowed Time Chapter Three


 Who am I?
A white jacket lost in song.  Old friends I remember but he has now forgotten in the music.  Solace?

Qui suis-je?
Fear quelled in faith. The blood still drips from his hands like Longinus’s spear. Redemption?

Chi sono io?
One war traded for another.  Drowning out the cries of the dead, that even deafness can’t silence.  Perdition?

Quem sou eu? 
Lost.  His memories. His mind. Gone are the things we had to do.  Paradise?

Sino Ako?
Stories told to a friend that remembers it all. A child wounded.  A family to pray.  A child that wounds.  Fathers flailing fists.  Mothers meth mouth.  Two families in pain.  A government that claims it cares.  He will become me.  Stories that shouldn’t be told, spilling secrets.   My friends response.  I know.  Pain is short.  I give him.  Peace.