Welcome to my very first Hipsta 1-2-3 tutorial!

As a lover of Hipstamatic, these tutorials will be designed to show easy step-by-step examples of fine tuning an almost perfect Hipsta shot in 3 steps or less.

The key to Hipstamatic is learning what combos work best for every type of photo – whether it be landscape, portrait, street, architectural and so on.  I’m sure all the “Hipstanerds” can agree to this!

This photo was taken over the weekend during my trip to Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  As those of you here in the Pacific Northwest know, this past weekend was a delight!  The sun was blazing and, I of course, was eyeing every opportunity for a shot to share here on Juxt ; )

Some may say that there is no need to edit this pic but my personal preference here is to:

>  achieve a deeper, blue color

>  increase the definition between the building and sky

>  do the above while ensuring the bird would still be visible

Let me just say that my goal for these tutorials is to preserve the most out of the original Hipsta shot and keep it “HipstaMinimal” – thanks to my friends over at The Minimals for this tag!

SKYSCRAPER [original]: shot with Hipstamatic combo Jane lens + Sugar film // no flash

Decreased ambiance in Snapseed to:

sharpen lines, add vignette (mainly on bottom corners) &  heighten contrast


Darkened photo to:

achieve a deeper, midnight blue and make sky more uniform

Opened in VSCO CAM to decrease contrast slightly


For those of you who are weary about using Hipstamatic feel free to message me for any tips.

Also, I highly recommend following @Hipstaroll on Instagram for valuable insight and weekly combos.  It’s a great way to get familiar with the app and experiment.

Thank you all for checking out this tutorial and I hope you have found it helpful.