“I AM NOT A CROOK” – President Richard Nixon

So in hopes to continue to learn more about photography and the art of it, I’ve decided to study.

We, at Juxt, have interviewed a lot of amazing mobile photographers and artists over the last 9 months.  A lot of these folks have inspired many of us in the style that we shoot or with the subject matter we choose.  I have many who inspire me.  Everyone has mention of their favorite photographers.  Some folks have the background from school and can pinpoint who inspires them and what they look for when they shoot and take photos. I need to study.  So I started in the beginning of the summer on this search for my connection outside of any of the social networks and outside of the big websites that show great photography.

I’ve spent more time away from Instagram and the other social networks including limiting how much I post and return comments.  If you’re reading this then now you know why I’ve been real bad about getting back to you.  I just felt that some of the social network platforms dictate what gets on their popular page or who’s on their suggested user list.  I’ve been showcasing the shots from folks who I’ve seen on IG when I do go through and highlighting them every Sunday.  That has been enriching because I get to see artist work that I may or may not get to see because of the way the networks are set up.

I thought to myself, “Self – outside of these folks, where else have you reached to find some inspiration?”

Again, I needed to research.

How can I narrow down my self-imposed lessons?

The world of photography is so immense.

I decided to spend some time with photographs that I can access by way of the internet, or MOHAI, or the local libraries.  I mean why not.  When I was in school I remember having to ask the librarian to help me break out the micro-fiche reader to look up old articles and old photos. Why not use some of my time and learn the craft that I am so passionate about right now. Also during all my down time (of which I don’t have – thank goodness I have a mobile smart phone huh) I would hit up the major news hubs – NY Times, Seattle Times, LA Times etc to see what their photographers shoot for.

How do I narrow it down?

Well I don’t and can’t.  Plain and simple.  I can handle only perusing so much and the truth – I have to be in that mood to look through.  I’ll bookmark and jot down names and titles of photos when I come across them. I’d write down the reason why they got me and revisit.  This process is definitely on-going.

So in doing so, let me set the stage for you:

How Much Things Cost Back Then
Average Cost of new house $32,500.00
Average Income per year $12,900.00
Average Monthly Rent $175.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 40 cents
AMC Javelin car $2,900.00
A Dozen Eggs 45 cents

Some Historical Events That Year
The first handheld cellular phone call is made by Martin Cooper in NYC,
Ferdinand Marcos declares that he is “The President for Life” in the Philippines,
Elvis Presly performs on live TV from Hawaii,
Bruce Lee dies,
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries announce they will restrict flow of crude oil to countries supporting Israel,
Roe v Wade makes abortion a US constitutional right,
The Secretariat wins the Kentucky Derby,
US Troops are withdrawn from Vietnam and US involvement ends,
World Trade Center officially opens in NYC,
Miami Dolphins are the Superbowl Worlds Champ,
Watergate hearings begin and Nixon eventually impeached,
American Indian Movement siezes Wounded Knee in South Dakota,
The Sears Tower opens in Chicago and becomes the tallest building in the world,
The Exorcist and American Graffiti is out in theaters,


1973 was the year I was born (along with Mario Lopez, Tyra Banks, and Kate Beckinsale).  =)

So here are some photos that I found taken that year.  I’ve found hundreds actually on the verge of finding thousands.  These are the ones that I think influence my eye as well as subject matter in my work THUS far.  There’s tons more I’d like to show.  If I can make sure to find the photographer and give them credit, I will show them in future posts.  I won’t show the photo if I don’t know who took it and can’t give credit.

I love these images because they are the ones I feel I can relate to.

What inspires you?

Interested in joining this project?

Research the year you were born. Find those images. Email me and let’s see what your born year in photography looked like and how it may have influenced you. If I get enough interest, then I’ll post up those photos with why they are those individual artists influences.


Beach Baptism, May 1973,  Newport Beach, California by Steve Rice

Hari Krishna and Blind Man, NYC, NY, 1973 by Paul McDonough

Young Man and Woman Smoke Pot during an Outing, Leakey, Texas; May 1973 by Marc St. Gil 

Two Ways to Wash an Elephant, Northridge, California; April 1973, by Bill Varie

A Young Black Man Showing His Muscle During A Small Community Program In Chicago On The South Side,  Chicago, IL; August 1973, by John H. White

An Abandoned Car in Jamaica Bay, New York, June 1973 by Arthur Tress

At the Doorsteps of “Lets Make A Deal”, September 1973, Los Angeles, California by Marianna Diamos

Clark Avenue and Clark Avenue Bridge, July 1973, Cleveland, Ohio by Frank Kales Androwicz


Demonstration for Gay Rights, July 1973, Seattle, Washington by Robert J Miller 


Man and Subway, October 1973, NYC, New York by Erik Calonius 


Brothers, 1973 by Dennis Kendal Hall

GIs and Vets lead Anti-war March in the Financial District, 1973, San Francisco, California by Steve Rees

Ernie and Genevieve, 1973, Grover, Colorado by Jerry Downs 

Member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) guarding Federal officers and locals, 1973,  Wounded Knee, South Dakota by Frank Jurkoski

Sidewalks in the Bronx Becomes a Playground for these Youngsters, April 1973 by Dan Mccoy

Womens Alliance to Gain Equality, 1973, San Francisco, California by Cathy Cade

Water Cooling Towers of the John Amos Power Plant Loom Over a Home Located Across the Kanawha River, August 1973, West Virginia by Harry Schaefer

Rick Griffin, 1973, San Francisco, California by Art Brewer 

 Closed do to Gasonline Shortage, June 1973, Portland, Oregon by David Falconer