Little Miss December

Rebecca: 32 weeks ago, when the #sundaybluesedit was still in its infancy, a new face, to me at least stealthily arrived in the tag.  Up to this point, most of the artists were artist I was very familiar with on Instagram.  They showed up to support me and join in the Sunday fun and I was grateful.  Jenn @shadowleitner started posting quietly at first.  Beautifully blue crafted images would arrive and I would always sigh at Jenn’s creativity.  As the weeks have gone on I’ve watched Jenn truly find her voice.  I’m very proud to be able to showcase her today.  I hope you will take a few moments and enjoy a fantastical walk through her ever-wonderful profile.  Happy Sunday!

Jenn: I’m very honored to be feature here by sundaybluesedit. The #sundaybluesedit is a very magical place for me and I’m inspired every week by the beauty and courage displayed there.

Of Little Miss December…happily being carried off by birds. It is one of those images with something just a little bit off tilt. And that was before I put it through decim8 and blender, two of my favorite apps. I do love images and edits with peculiarity and have affection for the macabre. This one in particular led me to create the series “months of mayhem” and even though she made her appearance last, she is the one who inspired me to start it. I enjoy mixing elements of story, symbolism and word play with my images, which is how I relate to my world in general. I think that is why I gravitate to old images to use in my edits, they connect me with the human story, which is universal and transcends time.

I have had a life-long love of storytelling and art and have dabbled in many mediums. Then about a year ago, in an attempt reconnect with my creativity, I got the crazy notion to start a 365 project called Shadow a Day. I originally joined IG to just post this project but was so enthralled by the art there that I immediately jumped down the rabbit hole into the world of Mobile Art. The community there has been as supportive and encouraging of my editing experiments and self-exploration as theirs has inspired me. And I so look forward to experiencing this next chapter of my life.

You can find Jenn’s always inspiring work at @shadowleitner on Instagram