iPhone vs Behemoth (Photo by Jen)

Juxt and Igers Seattle is entering a really cool project with the University of Washington Athletics Department.  Our local photographers are granted access to behind the scenes of UW’s athletic games and starting with its largest athletic program – Husky football.

We look forward to this partnership and will ask local mobile shooters to join us in these events when the space arises. The marriage between photography and social media is a great one.  This is an opportunity to show the work of local mobile photographers covering amazing and awesome events.

Big thanks to Daniel Hour , Director for New Media & Recruiting Services, University of Washington Athletics.  He has been a great advocate for the work of local mobile device photographers through Instagram and other social networks.  It is great to have him as a resource and a partner with this project.  BIG Thanks D and to your staff as well.

Also Big Thanks to Bridgette and Jen for covering the UW vs SDSU game.  The first of the season! AND for the HUSKY nation…GO DAWGS!

Thoughts and Photos from Bridgette

I grew up watching the Mets in Queens, NY.  I’d sit in front of the TV and keep score by myself – with a bag of chips and a homemade scoresheet.  I was in love with Keith Hernandez back then. When they won the World Series in ’86 I felt this burst of energy inside of me and an overwhelming feeling.  Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks – I was 10.

I knew that I loved watching sports and loved my team.  As I got older, I got into watching other sports, namely tennis then football.  As the Mets’ wins dwindled I quickly became consumed by football, plus I started to become a hardcore Favre fan.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love football.  I’d do anything to watch the games and believe me, living in London didn’t make it easy with the time difference and all.  However, I did keep up.

But, never in a million years did I ever think that I’d actually step on the field.

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to snap pics during the University of Washington Huskies‘ first home game over at CenturyLink Field.  Jen and I went representing JUXT and Instagramers Seattle with a media pass which enabled us to get on the field (pre-game) and during the final minutes of the 4th quarter.  We got there a bit early to park our cars and head on over to the stadium to take pics of the fans and all the action before the game started.

As soon as we exited the parking garage, we felt the buzz and excitement.  Fans were stoked for the opening game.  We walked through the tunnel, down the steps and onto the grounds of CenturyLink field.  People were everywhere and rushing to get to their seats.

People lined up to get in with huge smiles on their face. The band was outside playing and the cheerleaders were doing their thing too.  It was a bright, clear evening here in Seattle and the energy was high.

First thing was first.  We knew we only had a limited amount of time before the game started so Jen and I found our way to the field before venturing out through the stadium.  I have to admit, I was feeling nervous but most of all I was so eager to get there.  Once we approached the opening which led us to the field my eyes just lit up and my jaw dropped.  The lights, the action, the cameras, the people – all of it was amazing.

The Huskies ended the game by winning 21 – 12 vs San Diego State.  There were moments of highs and lows but all I remember are the cheers and the excitement.  And, all I wanted to capture were those moments of appreciation and dedication that fans truly have for their home team.

The night was over and it was time to head home.  The players exited the field and the band closed the night while the cheerleaders ended with their final hoorah. Slowly, the stadium emptied out and the field was alone – it was then that I walked onto the green and breathed it all in.  It was a dream come true and a night I’ll never forget.

** All pics are taken with Hipstamatic combo Jane lens / Blackkeys Supergrain – unedited 

Thoughts and Photos from Jen

MMMmmmmm, chips! …See how my focus is on the bag of chips Bridgette had, and not the game? I’m not really a sports fan. I grew up hanging out in the same room with my sister and father while they watched sports on TV. I don’t know how I managed it all those years, but I remained uninterested in the games. So when Bridgette asked me if I wanted to go to a football game, I thought, what the heck?, I’ll go sit in the stands with her and eat some garlic fries. Within the next few days though I got emails with words like “Press Pass” and “access to the field”. Um, WHAT?! My anxiety level rose as I began to think that I was expected to know the game and write up something intelligent afterwards.

Well, I was assured that that was not the case, so I went along and enjoyed the ride. And enjoy it, I did! Bridgette’s excitement was contagious, but even without that, it was an amazing feeling to be down on the field right next to the players and the professional media. And what a thrill to know that our cell phones got us there. Bridgette and I were teased by one of the pros… “Nice camera!” said our new friend Michael Moore, holding his enormous camera. I loved being able to say, “Yeah, well, these cameras got us here!” That shut him up–except to start asking a lot of questions about who we were representing. It was fun to spread the mobile-photography word.

Annnyway, I think I’d better close now by saying again how great it was to be at the game. The whole vibe there was fabulous. I’m a fan now. And I didn’t even get any garlic fries.

Check out the @JUXT_UW account on Instagram for images from the game and games in the future.  And here are my favorite images from the evening…

B was glowing all evening
Warm up
A short break
Conductor on high
Boys will be boys
“Macho Man”, Husky style
Press suite
Getting’ his G on

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