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Hey class last time we chatted about texture. Which is one of my favorite things to photograph. I’ve been known to cry over wood grain although keep that between us okay? I’m a sap. (Get it?! A sap? Hahaha) *ahem* So, last week we talked about using texture to deepen your composition and we will continue in that same vein this week. Here is a  highlight from a classmate, @kiwinan Joy, demonstrating texture. I am also more than slightly in love with the lines.

Today we will be covering contrast, curves, and pattern in texture photography. Don’t let the title “texture photography” scare you, it’s more about being aware of what your subject has to offer.

Contrast is a huge component to any photo and can speak to tone or light. Within texture photography we will be taking both into account.  There are times the subject of the photo has competing textures tonally and one will highlight the other. Other times the background can highlight the subject. Below the soft texture of the grass deepens the impact of the hard rusted metal while they are also complementary colors. The textures of the background and subject coupled with the tonal values helps to communicate the heavy rusted metal to the viewer.

The second area we are going to chat about it curves within our photos. When I say curves what I mean is lines or the inference of lines. Now we know already from an earlier school house that lines can lead the eye. Curves have the same ability the only difference is that these curves have to do with the texture of your subject.

The last facet to texture we are going to talk about it pattern. Pattern is pleasing to the eye and also can denote symmetry.  Pattern also creates rhythm within your composition. Rhythm creates movement and allows the eye to move through the photo.

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