Video:  Idle No More, North West Coastal, Directed/ Edited by Dave Wilson, Produced by Brodie Lane Stevens, Camera by Ben Hampton, Design by Kyle Hatch

Idle No More:  Seattle & Olympia 12/29/12 by BP

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth. (Via Idle No More)

Idle No More is an ongoing protest movement originating among the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples and their non-Aboriginal supporters in Canada. It has quickly grown and garnered worldwide support from other Indigenous Peoples as well as sympathetic non-Indigenous Canadians and Americans. It has consisted of a number of political actions worldwide, inspired in part by the hunger strike of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence and further coordinated via social media. A reaction to perceived abuses of Indigenous treaty rights by the ruling Harper government, the movement takes particular issue with the recent omnibus bill Bill C-45. (Via Wikipedia)

The same crew who brought the “American Sikh” will be hopefully doing another more comprehensive article on the Idle No More/ Isolated No More from our local areas.  This is the portrait series using Hipstamatic’s Tintype Pak (as you can tell I’m trying Hipsta real hard).  The best part of taking these photos is the chance to dialogue with these folks.  The sense of thanks they gave me for just being there in support was overwhelming.  I started out in Seattle and ended up 60 miles away in Washington State’s capitol Olympia.  I hope you all read through some of these links.  Its educational and I must say this movement has gotten to me deeper than the Occupy coverage I have love for so much.

The movement is still young and growing and I plan on attending and covering it as much as I can.  Please send prayers and meditations to Chief Theresa Spence who has been on hunger strike since December 11, 2012.

Big thanks to Chad Charlie!

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