The 24 Hour Project: 2013
Created by Street Photographers Sam Smotherman and Renzo Grande.

On March 23th, 2013 65+ Street Photographers in 35+ Cities and 5 Continents plus other 245+ guest partcipants shared the human aspect of their city story with 1 photo, every hour for 24 hours. This year’s theme was Ethni[city].

This is a powerful, communal marathon utilizing the power of social networking showcasing the best in street photography from around the world.  The project began in the winter of 2011.  The mission of the project is to show through both real time photos as the event unfolds and allowing an artist to review their work to show their best pictures captured of the city the photographer lives in with the world we all share – one hour at a time.

Mobile photography has democratized the world of photography.  The social network platforms like Instagram, EyeEm, Backspaces, and many others have assisted to solidify relationships with photographers from around the world.  Enthusiasts, amateurs, and professional photographers have all joined in the 24 Hour Project to showcase their cities, their streets in real time.

The goal for the 24 Hour Project after the marathon event, is to push the idea of mobile photography and street photography into our own communities. The project is looking to expand to workshops and presentations, publications, and exhibitions around the world. The starting point will be from June 8-15, 2013 at The Space Gallery in Pomona, CA.

The project needs your support. Tell your family, tell your friends.

Visit the 24 Hour Project, download the press release, find allies who would like to support this project. For any inquiries of partnership and/or sponsorship, please contact Sam Smotherman or Renzo Grande.

The 24 Hour Project
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Read about the 24 Hour Project on Juxt from 2012 and 2013 #24HR13



Sami Alramyan, Kuwait
 IG / Website

4:38am “Who’s this guy with a camera at 4am?!” Alfajr Pray, Kuwait

11:21pm, “Super Hero, when the world forgot him”, Kuwait


Aikibengchia, Singapore
Juxt / IG / EyeEm / Twitter / Website

1st 12 Hours,  Singapore

2nd 12 Hours, Singapore

Sam Smotherman, Los Angeles, California
Juxt / IG / EyeEm / Twitter

“It’s all been a learning experience.” – Lesley, Los Angeles, California 2013

Mary (red haired) full Mexican and Megan (blue hair) mixed Mexican and white – cousins. They are dressed in mild cosplay as charters from the Japanese video game Persona 3, Los Angeles, California 2013


Tilman Haerdle, Munich, Germany
IG / Twitter / Flickr

15:41. “Satisfaction”, Munich, Germany, 2013
Description: Taken at the Hofbräuhaus. This guy let me willingly take his picture. He’s one of several people visiting the Hofbräuhaus in their traditional outfit. While the Hofbräuhaus is a tourist trap, it still has reasonable prices, good food and beer and service staff that is not more unfriendly as absolutely necessary.

3:55. “Too cold outside”, Munich, Germany
Description: This homeless fellow stood right at the door at McDonalds close to Marienplatz. Later he took a seat inside. About 15 minutes on a waitress came and asked him if he wanted something to eat. Now he’s having a softdrink and some fries on the house. As I visited several public locations I always saw homeless people sitting in diners and fast food restaurants. Seemingly the owners or employees leave them undisturbed or are helping them – it’s -2 degrees outside and I couldn’t imagine being outside for the whole night.


David James, New York City, New York
IG / EyeEm

1100 “the Spine” Union Square Park, New York City

1500 “Liber-three”, Battery Park, New York City


Flor Montes, Madrid, Spain
IGEmail / FB

01.43 am, Night-watcher, Madrid, Spain

01.59 pm, Woman on Top, Madrid, Spain


Giulio Giacconi, Trieste, Italy
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#1, Trieste, Italy

#2, Milan, Italy

Claudine Moitie, Paris, France
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2AM, Paris, France

Description: This one was taken around 2am, it was pretty cold in Paris, and we were in a large street where there was no one! But, fortunately, from time to time, a bike was passing through. I made this panning shot.

6AM, Along the River Siene, Paris, France
Description:  I was taking a group of 4 young people, then they began to call me “Hey, are you taking our picture? Aren’t we so beautiful, lady?” I was just about to meet Ilan and his friend. The 4 were full of love, probably high or too in lack of sleeping. Then, Eros and Latife join us and we all speak together… and took their portrait. Here is Ilan.


Agus Siregar , Singapore

1am “Soap Bubbles And The Street Vendor” Location , Little India Singapore

6pm, “21st Century Singh” Chinatown, Singapore


Aurora Michavila, Madrid, Spain
IG / EyeEm / Twitter

01.16am, “When nothing else matters”, Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid, Spain

10.09am, “Saturday mornings are meant to be spent in bed”,  Subway, Madrid, Spain


Robert Stacy, Los Angeles, California
IG / EyeEm / Website

1246 AM, David eats food he retrieved from trash can., Los Angeles, California

101AM, Bernard, aka Amnesia, is a gangster for God., Los Angeles, California 


Georgi Tsekov, Sofia, Bulgaria
IG / Twitter

1st 12 Hours, Who Watches the Watchmen, Sofia, Bulgaria

2nd 12 Hours, Love Birds, Sofia, Bulgaria


Giovanna Taddei, Milan, Italy
IG / FB / Email

Robert Doisneau, Milan, Italy

Fashion Victims, Milan, Italy


Latife B, Paris, France
IG / Twitter

09 am, The orange seller, Paris, France

06 pm, The mother, Paris, France


Sheldon Serkin, New York City, New York
IG / EyeEm / Twitter / Flickr

3:00 AM, “Libation”, New York City, NY

6:45 AM, “Rahul”, New York City, NY


Jason Flett, Melbourne, Australia
Juxt / IG / Twitter / FB

5am, Early Morning Noodles, Melbourne, Australia

12pm, Fishy Tales on Smith Street, Melbourne, Australia


Fabs Grassi, São Paulo, Brasil
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00:00 am, not alone,  São Paulo, Brasil

11:00 am, pointing bubbles, São Paulo, Brasil


Andrés de León, Barcelona, Spain
IG / Freaksbcn

0500am, Barcelona, Spain

0700am, Barcelona, Spain


Carol de Britos, Barcelona, Spain
IG Twitter / Website / Freaksbcn

08:43, “Post office”, Barcelona, Spain

04:42, “Passing by”, Barcelona, Spain


Vlad Chirkov, Portland, Oregon
Juxt / IG / Twitter / Tiny Collective

#1, Portland, Oregon

#2, Portland, Oregon