Welcome to Week 26 of #Decim8nday’s Decim8 This.

Every Sunday @Decim8nday will post an original / unedited image submitted by our guest editor of the week.

Decim8ors are to:

  • Screenshot the image and save to their camera roll
  • Decim8 the image using any singular or combination of effects
  • We ask that no other apps are used and that images are processed only with the Decim8 app
  • List each effect used and hashtag it with #Decim8nday and #Decim8this_( guest editor’s username)
  • Post by Tuesday, 9:00 AM PST for a chance to get featured here and on @Decim8nday Wednesday!

This week we welcome David, @dmreidmd, as guest editor!

About his original image:

This was taken on my recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Lots of nice shops–this is the window display in one of them. There’s a lot going on in this picture and I hope that will translate well into Decim8!!

His top 3 Decim8-ions are:

1.  @judibooty

Judi’s edit creates one very impressive new star out of many and retains some of the original too! I loved the cool colorful rays!

2. @mudsock

I liked Michael’s shot as much for the idea as for its cool, minimal look! Taking a busy picture of stars and reducing it to a solitary, quiet one in space was inspired!

3. @hipstashutter

Gerry’s picture made me think of a space alien from a distant STAR arriving on earth and discovering to his joy that we have beer in the bottle! Great job!


The Cr8ors of Decim8nday [ @suz4nne_ and @david_baer ] and I thank you, David, for playing along this week!  We hope you’ll participate again soon!

Stay tuned next week as Shannon [ @sadogre ] takes the editor’s seat for week 27.