The 24 Hour Project stands alone as the largest street photography event of its kind in the world. The 24 Hour Project, a completely unique experiment in photography, is a true marathon for participants. The project pushes the limits of the photographer emotionally, physically and creatively and was envisioned by street photographers Renzo Grande and Juxt member Sam Smotherman in 2011. The 24 Hour Project is a day with 24 dead lines and no room to make up a lost opportunity. One image from every hour is chosen to represent those 60 minutes in a permanent gallery online and also select shots will be hung in actual gallery shows.

This project is unique in the way the photographs are shared during each photographers 24 hours. It utilizes the immediacy of social media platforms but the project is more than mobile photography and social media. While there are strong roots in both of these areas the project is, in the end, about the pursuit of capturing the world around us no matter the tools for capturing and sharing.

On the weekend of June 8th-9th, the 24 Hour Conference will be held in the Los Angeles area. This is a two day event spanning 24 hours and will offer an opportunity for lovers of street photographer to take in a gallery show, a workshop and panels with world renown street photographers. The latter event is graciously being hosted by local NPR station 89.3 KPCC.

The Conference will consist of three events: a gallery show and talk by photographers, a workshop, and a free public event hosted by NPR station 89.3 KPCC. The workshop which costs and the KPCC which is a free event are ticketed events with limited space.

The events will begin on June 8th and opens with the gallery show. The Space Gallery is hosting the show with doors opening at 6PM at 250 W 2nd Street, Pomona, CA 91766. The gallery show will be representing only part of the 2011 – 2012 years with work of over a hundred street photographers. The gallery contains a selection culled from two years of shots and showcases only a small percentage of the three thousand plus shots that were uploaded worldwide. During the show, participating photographers will host a panel to discuss their craft and other issues within the realm of street photography. The panel portion of the conference will include photographers who have participated in one or both years of the project, including both of the projects founders Renzo Grande and Sam Smotherman. Other notable panelists include Juxt members: Brad Puet, Koci Richard Hernandez, and Tammy George as well as photographers Robert Stacy and Tony Marquez.

On June 9th the speakers from the gallery opening will be offering the first 24 Hour Project Workshop focusing on the ins and outs for street photography. Your guides will be Renzo Grande, Sam Smotherman, Brad Puet, Koci Richard Hernandez, Tammy George, Robert Stacy, Tony Marquez along with SF street photographers Benjamin Heath and Travis Jensen. Space is limited for the workshop is to keep groups small and intimate. The walk will be held in Downtown Los Angeles and will span over three hours of on the street shooting and learning. After the work, panelists will be available to review portfolios. More information and ticket availability at www.the24hourproject.com/confrence

The 24 Hour Conference will then wrap up with a free panel discussion on street photography hosted by KPCC at the Crawford Hall. Eight photographers who lead the workshop will join us to talk about making images with everything from a mobile phone to a film camera on the streets of the cities where they live. The day will be broken up into three segments.

The Snap: Find Your Approach to Taking Pictures
The Edit: Cultivating Creativity Through Selectivity
The Share: Navigating the World of Social Photography and Beyond

If anyone wants to attend the free public event MUST RSVP on this page http://www.scpr.org/events/2013/06/09/24-hour-projectworkshop-kpcc/. This includes anyone participating in the morning workshop.

The complete portfolios of both 2012 and 2013 can be viewed at

Please also visit the work of the panelists and Juxt members
Brad Puet 
Koci Hernandez 
Tammy George 
Sam Smotherman

Cofounder of the 24 Hour Project
Renzo Grande 
Benjamin Heath 
Travis Jensen 
Tony Marquez 
Robert Stacy