Video: Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 920 (View in HD)

A little over one year later, I have had the opportunity to witness two major events demanding the return of an NBA team, wait, the return of our beloved Supersonics to the Emerald City.

The City of Seattle has been without an NBA team since 2008.

Sonicsgate, which is one of the strongest forces in the city, brought together the community one last time in 2013 before the NBA Board of Governors votes on the relocation back to Seattle on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

This is the city’s last rallying call until we find out their decision.  Chris Hansen and his band of millionaire superheroes have been lobbying and putting up millions of dollars to show the NBA how serious they are, we are, in having our beloved 41 year legacy return.  A night hosted by Shawn Kemp and Tilson with music from some of the city’s best hip hop, cameos from major politicians, and even more importantly, hundreds of Sonics fans came together to celebrate the accomplishments of Sonicsgate, Chris Hansen, and the voices of our city.

I had the opportunity to ask Geo aka Prometheus Brown from the Blue Scholars and Adam Brown, one of the directors of Sonicsgate about the Sonics and let you all hear through their voices why its so important for the Sonics to return.

This is important to not only the fans who have been here but more importantly for the future fans of a cultural icon in the Pacific Northwest – Bring Back Our Sonics.

BIG THANKS Geo, Adam and Jason of Sonicsgate, Neumos, and Alive & Well Seattle.

Chris Hansen group – We believe in you.

*Apologies for the terrible editing skills. First time playing with the video of the Nokia and post-process.