This week We Are Juxt is grabbing a pencil and taking notes in summer school. Sam Smotherman of The 24 Hour Project will be leading this class every Monday. He will be teaching the fundamentals of street photography and giving assignments every week. Not a street photographer? Show up to class anyway, there is something for everyone in Summer School.

If you missed the first assignment click here to catch up 



This weeks assignment is not about shooting but about understanding shooters and what makes a great shot. This week you are going to be looking up a great in the field of street (or other genres) photograph. I want you to pay attention to what they loved to shoot and how they did it. Hopefully, through this assignment,  you will  learn about those who founded or expanded this art form. It is important to understand that street photography has a long history and deep roots in the photography genre. It is also important to understand that it wasn’t created with rise in popularity of mobile photography.

After looking at at least 20 images from the artist pick your favorite image and in at least 100 words tell why this one captured your attention. The deeper and more concise  you are in explaining why an image captured your attention will help you identify the characteristics that drew you in to the photo initially.  By doing this these masters of the genre will help you understand what you like in a picture and what area/s you can work on improving. It will also help you be more aware and critical of your own work. This is not to say you have to compare you work to the greats but will be able to say why you feel your own work is strong as well as articulating to others what you enjoy about their photography. Being able to have an educated conversation about Photography is one step of many to improving your own work.


Don’t know where to start? Try some of these names:

Eugene Atget

Herni Cartier-Bresson

Robert Frank

Walker Evans

Garry Winogrand

Helen Levitt

Dorthea Lange

Imogene Cunningham

Robert Frank
Eliot Porter
Paul Outerbridge
Alfred Stieglitz
Andy Warhol
Margret Bourke-White
Ansel Adams
Once you have found a photographer and completed the assignment come back here and leave a comment and share what you have learned.