Personal Tutors by Paula Gardener

The summer holidays have ended, six weeks of laughter, screams, fights and playful moments. For me however it has been a six week crash course in child psychology.

Even though their upbringing is the same, my children’s personalities have developed in such a diverse and complex way. Each one bringing to the table a different approach to life.

Everyday I’m learning new things from them, here I am thinking I have something to teach them.

The one characteristic that is prominent in all their personalities is determination. Let it not be said that myย children lack ambition, their collective power of positive thinking have achieved wonders. If they want something, NO is not an option. I’m not suggesting they’re spoilt, far from it!

Everything they’ve achieved through the last six weeks has been done off they own backs, ingenuity is second nature to them.

I suppose I’ve learnt to be more positive about life, recession has affected everyone so badly that we’ve forgotten the basic rule….to have Faith! Especially in ourselves and our ability to create in abundance.

Faith, Josh, Jojo and Amaryah, my own personal tutors