Click London

A new mobile photography group launches today, called Click London. Founded by some of London’s most active and prominent mobile photographers. The group is built around photo walks on its Meetup page, which already has over 70 members. The group plans to organize a range of photo-related activities such as walks, workshops, talks, exhibitions and competitions. It started out as a mainly mobile photo group, but photographers with all sorts of cameras are welcome. The group is also independent of any photo-sharing platform.

Taking a non-commercial approach, the group’s events will be chosen mainly for their photographic and enjoyment value for its members. It is a not-for-profit organisation and any money generated will be put back into member activities or donated to good causes. The group will be run democratically, have transparent financial information, treat members fairly, irrespective of follower numbers or photographic experience, and encourage them to contribute to the group’s life.

The founding members are very excited about the group’s launch and as mobile photography finds ever more maturity and is increasingly accepted in the wider photography community, the group hopes to play a part in that ongoing process and contribute to the genre’s growing success. The group welcomes everyone to join the Click London Meetup Page and follow on Instagram @click_london, Flickr (Click London), Twitter @click_london and Facebook.

Click London’s founding members are: Christian Graham @thepastamaster, Dilshad Corleone @italianbrother, Jennifer Thomas @ikebana_jen, Keith Houghton @eurokeith, Matt Delmar @mattdelmar, Natalie Davison @natal13d, Richard Gray @rugfoot, Rich Pearce @rich__, Robin Pope @robinLDN and Stephanie Butters @stepyuk.

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Photo by Stephanie

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