Introducing Louise Fryer by Paula G

Louise Fryer is a wonderful photographer, I have admired her work for awhile now. Mainly for her versatility with how she delivers an impressive portfolio of work. Ranging from poetic self-portraits, to dreamscape views of her hometown.  I know most of those within the mobile community, will have come across her work being showcased on various Mobile Photography blogs. Likewise she has her own blog that delivers to those that follow her a direct insight into her beautiful world. What has fascinated me the most about her work, is the simplicity of it. To look at her self portraits, at first glance technically there is a lot of work put into each one. However the beauty of it is quite simple, she doesn’t try to overload the viewer with too much…. Instead you find yourself falling in love with the romantic disposition she portrays. Whilst subtly seducing your thoughts to want to know more of this person within the image. Luckily for me she’s had some time away from her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Also below are some of my favorites from her Flickr gallery.

P: Paula L: Louise Fryer

P: Tell us about yourself and your life as a photographer. What inspired you to become a photographer.

L: I first got into photography in 2009, I was fascinated in street photography, bought my first DSLR and spent a couple of years just concentrating on that. One day, I decided to just take my iPhone to shoot, it was difficult! But I got used to the challenge of thinking about how I’d get the shot. From that moment I was hooked!

P: Your style of photography is both beautiful and simple yet very personal plus intimate. How would you describe your work.

L: I have a feeling that in every creative person what is inside their heart usually comes out in some form, whether it be poetry, photography or some other medium. You have to feel it, otherwise what’s the point?

P: I’ve noticed you have a very dream collection of photographic equipment, ranging from a large DSLR to mobile devices. How do you choose what to use and why.

L: Usually when I go out somewhere to shoot, I take my Nikon and iPhone, I take some shots on both, to see what works…others I decide previously. My heart is with mobile photography, so primarily I usually try to use iPhone.

P: What advice would you give someone like myself who’s trying to embark on street photography. The do’s and don’t.

L: Really,  just get out there and find the kind of thing that interests you, with me it is the people, and it’s quite difficult to take candid portraits with a mobile device. You do get bolder in time and I believe your success is a lot down to personality…the first time someone notices that you’ve shot them, you do think ‘Oh Shit’ but to be honest, I’ve never had a really bad experience…sometimes it works just to say ‘Hi, thank you, can I email you a copy?’ Never ask to take someones photo, by that time it’s too late.

Maurice runs an antique/second hand shop in St James Road, Brighton…I asked if I could take his photo, after a chat he showed me around his shop, he had a brilliant original Biba fashion head that I had my eye on, I couldn’t knock him down so I left empty handed!

P: What would you say triggers your creative process when out taking pictures. Do you have a preset idea of what you want to capture on any given day.

L: Sometimes it’s an ideal day to go shooting but if I don’t have the right mindset I don’t see anything. My photos or artwork are very dependent on my mood.  Right now I’m really not into street photography, I just don’t feel like being out there…I’m very much into creativity, introspectively.

P: I love your work especially your self portraits, what is the emotional force behind your portraits. How would like the viewer to interpret your work.

L: There is a strong emotional influence behind my self portraits,  people often think ‘Well that looks nothing like you’…it doesn’t have to as far as I’m concerned, they are an expression, an emotion…some look exactly like me, others don’t. I have a deep fascination with making myself look very different to how I feel about myself.

I still hear your voice at night
When I turn out the light
Trying to settle down
But there is nothing I can do
‘Cause I can’t live without you
Any way at all

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