The Art of Erika C Brothers by Andy B

Erika C Brothers is a Mexican artist who has truly embraced the power of mobile technology and incorporated it into the images she creates. There is a something wonderful about her abstract art which mixes portraiture with a blend of effects and other imagery taken from her surroundings. The results embody a magical look, style and feel which creates some amazing pieces of artwork.

Images like ‘Orange’, ‘Arlequin’ or ‘The Liquid Dreams Series’ are perfect examples of this portraiture work, while others such as ‘Yellow Waves’ or ‘Cotton Candy Sunset’ focus more on capturing the landscape that surrounds her.

I managed to catch up with Erika and wanted to find out more about her life, work and influences as well as the process she follows to get from the original capture to a finished piece of artwork.

AB: Andy  EB: Erika

AB: Tell us about yourself and how your interest in art and mobile photography began.

EB: I’m originally from Monterrey, Mexico where our culture is rich in a variety of different genres and parents whose passion involved weekend painting using different methods and visions of blending colors and techniques. Inspired as a child I pursued my own discovery of projecting my thoughts and images, I started through basic art, career in communications, painting amateur for 10 years using acrylics and oils, exploring even cloth and printed image designs until I found what I believe is my true calling with App advancement in SmartPhone technology. However I continue my activities of art creation as part of my vocation to the whole genre of art for personal desire and mental exercise.

I’m a mother of three and moving a few times due to my husband’s work, I was able to expand my optic vision and projection of picture stories from the different locations we lived. Once hooked I started investigating the different options on how to transform the pics to reflect my mental thoughts to each art piece, and set myself to no particular form or function – just what comes to me or how I feel as I create each piece. Now interestingly enough, my husband interprets my pieces for the naming; he is my inspiration and genius behind the naming of each.

AB: There is a beautiful artistic and painterly feel to your work. Tell us about your style and approach?

EB: My style is a combination of modern and abstract, with a touch of everything in between. I love to combine colors and textures blending the image to hence my creative feelings that an image projects in my mind. Most come to light based on daily experiences, travels, situations, and knowledge of the people whom form part of my life.

AB: You mentioned that the Mexican culture is rich in a variety of different genres. In what way have these genres influenced both you and your work and where do you draw your inspiration from?

EB: The Mexican culture has great variety, ranging from Aztec folklore to the popular art of the streets. In particular artists such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera to modern art such as Sergio Bustamante, all have given me the basis to my creations. All combine one way or other Aztec fundamentals with expressionism and modernism. Hence my inspiration is drawn by the multiple combinations only limited by my mental capacity to transform each art piece.

AB: How have modern day apps helped you to transform your art and how do you integrate them into the creative process?

EB: Modern day apps have been an absolute revolution to modern day technology and photography. Opening the possibilities to all to experiment art transformation directly from today’s current way of computing – tablets.
In general my photos do not follow a particular format or function; I use whatever app comes to mind for that particular moment and experimentation. In total I use about 140 different apps, however mostly concentrate on using 10 for most of my pieces.

AB: Could you give us a step by step walkthrough of the process involved in creating one of your images?

Stage 1: The initial capture
For the initial capture I used Slow Shutter Cam with self-timer on 1. I chose this app since I wanted to wanted to create an initial image in motion with a base blur effect.

Stage 2: MonoVu
To start initial transformation I used MonoVu using option mono22 to give the base effect on monochrome and scratches with a touch of antique.

Stage 3: Procreate
Next I used Procreate to add effects to the models hair extending the flow of motion to the person.

Stage 4: IColorama S
In IColorama S I used the effects of tiles 4/5 to add visual differentiation to the whole piece.

Stage 5: Mextures
Mextures added the next level of texture and roughness for enhancement, using Grit & Grain and Emulsion.

Stage 6: Pic Grunger
For the final effects to truly reflect and wrap up the whole image of a “Life in Motion” I used Pic Grunger Effect – Scratched, Style – Backstage, and Texture – Newsprint.

AB: Do you have any future plans for projects or the direction of your work?

EB: My future plans are to continue my work as part of a life process, as a walk thru life, basically moments in time; start showcasing more my artwork in Galleries and participate together with the rest of my colleagues worldwide on the push, promotion and inspiration of the SmartPhone Art world.

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