I have always wanted to do a model shoot on the eclectic urban streets of East London. If there was any part of London you would like to visit, I would highly recommend East London, especially the hustle and bustle of Brick Lanes Sunday market. Trust me you will not be disappointed, there is so much to see. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to work with a very beautiful and willing model for an impromptu shoot. We made our way to Shoreditch where the streets are lined with so much culture from diverse ethnic backgrounds. I loved the way tourist intermingled with locals, no one looked out of place. Instead we all belonged, imparting our visual stamp on those we greeted. Even though we were there on casual business, no one seemed to mind us blocking the road.  Or bringing the busy Sunday streets to a halt as I framed the perfect photo of my willing and very patient model.

However the real challenge was neither the busy streets, nor the near freezing temperatures. Nope, it was carrying around my heavy, packed camera bag. Gosh I truly forgot how much I hated lugging that thing about. I am one of those people that pack everything when I go on holiday, I am that ‘just in case’ type of gal. My worse nightmare is not being properly equipped, I know I could of been more organised, preparing in my mind the kind of images I would love to capture.  However in London you can never tell what lies around the corner. Therefore the mother in me says ‘just in case’ I will bring the lot.

There I was camera bag weighing down one shoulder, together with my trusty very light and ever so handy iPhone 5 in my pocket. Armed and prepared, I started capturing images, frame after frame, pose after pose. Intrigued to fine out how my iPhone would fare against the ever so powerful, with bells and whistles on DSLR. I mimicked each shot I took with my camera, on the iPhone 5. I realized how I was looking forward to the post production of the iPhone more than the Camera. If anyone who has a DSLR knows, its not a quick process transferring the files.  Organizing them into groups, metadata, editing to say the least. Arrgghh! I am not saying I dislike the process, however filtering the best photos out of six hundred plus frames can be time consuming. I use Adobe Lightroom for all my Camera edits, which does speed things up.  While sitting on the sofa, iPad in hand, (iPhone photos transferred via iCloud). Snapseed open I can safely say the editing process was easier, quick and a lot more rewarding. I suppose I expect the Nikon to perform to a certain standard, so I am not amazed when the photos turn out crystal clear etc.  On the other hand viewing the photos I captured on the iPhone, I was extremely pleased at how well the phone handled light and focus considering how overcast and gloomy the day was. Post editing only enhanced the already, fab performance of the iPhone.

All photographs were taken with the iPhone 5 and edited on Snapseed.