My dearest, welcome to yet another week of greatness. This time we have fallen for the artistic super effects, the master of editing and creating and super-imposing and the wizards of the FXing. These people know how to render the normal and the ordinary into extraordinary feasts for the eyes! Hidden deep within we can find powerful messages that are embedded in their work and this is truly one of the aspect of photography that I love. One image only suffice to tell a 1000 words’  story, so let us start looking and feeling and reading and be amazed at what we see!

A special thanks to all of you that are supporting me and for you encouragement, which I truly appreciate!



Malaysian Dancer by Tuba Korhan
Last month I came across to a group of Malaysian dancers in a mall. They are dancing in their traditional costumes to generate publicity for an airline company. After the show ended I asked one of them if she could pose for a couple of shots. She was very kind and accepted my request with a beautiful smile. In this portrait I tried to emphasize her beauty and warm smile. In order to get rid of the crowded background I decided to create a new one. The inspiration came from the artificial orchids on her hair. I used a few different orchid photos, which I had captured before. I edited the new background and her portrait separately, as if these were two different photos and then composed the images on Leonardo app. The other apps I used through my process is Snapseed, Facetune, Tangled, Autopainter and Pxlrexpress+.

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Picasso by Giancarlo Beltrame

This image is part of a new series that is taking me a lot in the beginning of 2014 – One, no, a hundred thousand – whose title was inspired by a novel by the Italian writer Luigi Pirandello. It takes some themes very dear to me: the presence and the memory of works of art that moved me a lot, the mask as the contemporary human condition, the eye as the seat of the look that leads to knowledge.

The title of artwork is ” Picasso “. It is a digital collage. The base is a self-portrait taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone in front of the famous painting by Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon ” at Moma in New York. From my library of shots I then recovered the lips, eyes (two different, one is mine and the other is a female), a flower transformed into a little and bizarre hat.

If the mask is an inner journey in meanders of my mind, the cubist painting by Picasso makes good of the multiplicity of forms of my psyche, which gathers together different aspects of the same personality.

All this work has been done by working with Superimpose. I then researched the color tone that I liked with PS Express and PhotoCopier

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Lifecycle 3 by Dani Salvadori

Taken in Hipstamatic. Lens: Americana,  Film: Robusta, Flash: Redeye Gel. Slight sharpening in Filterstorm Neue, slight touch up in Touch/Retouch

Story behind the image: My father died a few weeks ago after a long illness, coincidentally 2 days after I had finished a year long story-telling project on Backspaces. The two events have combined to almost paralyse my image-making; the only thing that seems to motivate me is chronicling the demise of the flowers I’ve been given since my father’s death. This image is from a bunch of tulips I received in early January. I love tulips because they start off straight-laced but end up wild. This one has a particularly fleshy intensity that is almost sexual; a last burst of life before the end.

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El primer Episode (The First Episode) by Ana Villanueva.

The red line between women and men as a sign that something may be wrong. What is the price to pay for not feeling lonely?

The story behind:

The “Family Mandates” Series speaks of all impositions we received since we were children. My intention is to express that happiness consists in doing what one feels independent from social mandates. Destroy preconceptions to live in freedom.

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The Cereal Killer by Cedric Blanchon

This photo is the sequel of my photo overconsumption, the same concept, object and food is mix with the human body, the first speak of overconsumption, this one is more surrealism I think, the title is a tribute to the movie Henry portrait of a serial killer, suicide with cereal, milk and cereals replaces blood and brains. I use superimpose, Snapseed, vfx studio, afterlight apps.

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(A fantastic complete step-by-step tutorial of this photo is going to be published very soon, so watch this space!)