What I love most about this crazy, creative community we are a part of is when connections are formed and out of those connects creativity is brought to a new level that would not have been reached otherwise.  Being an artist in a community that is constantly sharing, changing and growing is astounding and stretches me constantly. Everyday we are bombarded with images, thoughts and ideas that test our limits as artists and move us further into our journey. I love hearing stories of projects and collaborations that never would have happened without technology. Dilshad and Matt created a connection and through that connection challenged one another to flex their creative muscles while shooting for 18 hours straight. Dilshad was armed with his iPhone and Matt with his DSLR as they took to the streets from 3 pm to 9 am the next day. They were not shooting to out do one another but shooting to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. Although both photographers will tell you their best laid plans went awry, you will see from the beautiful shots they captured that the project was a success.- Anna


My name is Dilshad Corleone (italianbrother, pretty much everywhere on the social medias). I consider myself to be a smart-phone photographer, or better, an iPhoneographer. I shoot only with my iPhone, and I have had exhibition all over the world, from the UK to the US, including a lot of countries in the middle and around these two… I have also been published in various magazines, such as Shooter Mag., The Drum, and Carephone Wharehouses’ The Guide to name but a few; and of course on some fantastic E-Magz too, such as Mobiography, Snap from The Haus of Hipstamatic, and Mob Fiction! The Highlight of last year, for me, definitely was the video of me walking the streets of Barcelona while I photographed the day-to-day life of its dwellers. Photography and mobile photography has absolutely changed my life (and I am not trying to be cheesy here). This year has started pretty nicely too: hanging out with Matt it’s a lot of fun, he is an incredible photographer and a great friend too. The video we did was really revitalising! I loved every minute of it and it was a great exercise and experiment. My name is Matt Davey; 23, self-employed and loving it, I am a music photographer. My work is based around shooting local bands of Essex, England. I’ve got bit of a name for myself locally over my past (and first) year of business (Jackal Media), especially after shooting for Electronic Daisy Carnival back in 2013. I started photography when I was 14, I worked in a small Kodak Express shop developing films and doing small touchup jobs with Photoshop, which I then got my first point and shoot; a year later I got my first SLR – a Canon 450D, and then things got real for the young Matt Davey. Things got professional for me when I helped re-open my local youth club last year, which is a music venue every Friday supporting the discovery of local talent. Since then, I have been a professional music photographer. Then I decided to hang out with Dilshad Corleone a lot more…

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