1000 Words Flickr Showcase by Dilshad


There is a first for everything. My first today is to like and choose a cat. An amazing collection with a main theme of mystery with a hint of gothic taste. I’ll keep it short today, because I want you to enjoy more the wonderful photos for this amazing showcase. Thank you to all the great artists here for their support! – D.C.

Molly The Cat by David Denagel

It is a portrayal of Molly, my cat, awakening from her sleep.  I wanted an image of her essence as a cat, and for me, that is summed up in cat’s eyes.  The photo was taken a close range and hand held. Only a room lamp provided the lighting and Molly was in her favorite chair.  I used an iPhone5 and only Hipstamatic.  The combo was Tinto 1884, Robusta film and Jolly Rainbo 2x flash. (The Hipstamatic “flash”, in this case, did not provide any external light but added an additional darkening filter to the image.)  I felt this processing would give a dreamy and moody coloration to the image, deemphasizing hard lines, while drawing a dark vignette around much of her head.  This treatment produced a quality of both mystery and some menace (characteristics of many felines, even the most sweet like Molly.)  David DeNagel @dcd49 on Oggl


A Bitter Medicine by Dale Smith

INSPIRATION: I have always been inspired by literature and imagery from the Victorian era… it was a time of great change. The world was on the cusp of mass modernisation and I consider that time to be a juxtaposition of darkness and light. Darkness and light fascinate me… I hoped to convey a little of that mystery in the image.

STORY: The subject of the image is my daughter and last year we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. She dressed in an appropriate gown and we used several props in order to convey a sense of mystery… tell an open-ended story…

I wanted to give a “Gothic” feel to the image, yet also make it seem timeless. Therefore, the story could be from any era. I also wanted the viewer to question what was being illustrated. Has the girl taken medicine? Is it medicine or poison? The “close” aspect of the image… waist height… was deliberate as I hoped that the viewer may experience a certain proximity to the figure. As if she had administered the bottle to they themselves…

PROCESS: The original image was shot using an app called CCV… I prefer this app because it is a very simple camera replacement app yet very powerful, and it captures images in TIFF format meaning that I can go back to them without loss of quality.

I converted the image to black and white in Snapspeed, cropped, and applied the center focus and grunge filters, experimenting to get the desired effect. A good way to apply the grunge filter in Snapspeed is to choose a particular filter then dial the effect down to zero… this can give a dreamlike quality to an image.

Finally I imported the image into Oggl, where I have it the “Tinto” effect…

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Siouxsie Petals by Cindy Buske

This shot was inspired by my daughter, Aymber. We were shooting images for fun, and she stepped away for a bit, returning with this elaborate make-up job and costume. She created the look on her own, but when I saw her, the first thing I thought of was singer Siouxsie Sioux!  Aymber had never even heard of Siouxsie, so we looked her up together.  I had Aymber pose with the rose petals of various colors and sheer tulle fabric simply because I had them available.  We used a black backdrop and soft studio lights.  I often work with my two daughters as artistic collaborators and photo models.

The image was shot on Hipstamatic-Oggl , G2 lens + Kodot XGrizzled film.  No post-image processing was done.

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Her Ghost by Divine

My friend I just saw your comment and yes ill send you the pic and how ive made it … please forgive me for the late reply ..i hope that you still have time for the showcase to use my image called ” her ghost” what inspires the photo are all those chaotic thoughts all that need to see our selves escape from our own body … I opened the app filtrstormPRO to blend the two portraits and adjust the contrast and curves .. Make it black and white in the same app then I opened the image with artrage to paint and give this effect to the photo.

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Wet Wet Wet by Rob Pearson Wright

London is wet at the moment. Not as wet as the UK as a whole but still pretty soggy. Many parts of the country are doing a fairly accurate impression of the film ‘Waterworld’. The Thames Barrier is working overtime to protect the capital from a similar fate. I live in a basement and fully support their actions.

I love the Southbank, an area of London full of culture, brutalist architecture and people. On a day with a brief respite from the seemingly constant rain and wind, I took a walk along that area of the River Thames. Some of the characters seemed to be missing that day, perhaps perturbed by the threat of more bad weather.

As I passed the people, theatres and galleries, I found a spot alongside the river which seemed to sum up London’s mood at that particular moment. Battered by storms, sick of the cold and damp, and longing for Spring to turn up with some sunshine. How do you capture that in an image?

Well…you wander into a massive puddle, crouch down while your shoes get soaked and take the shot you envisaged. Apart from a child splashing through the shot with a parent’s apology everything was as smooth as a well conditioned cat.

The reflection was what drew me to the shot and the moodiness of the clouds, which seemed to threaten further rain. No one would sit on that bench that day. It would be isolated by the water around it and an air of loneliness would linger.

It took the shot with the native iPhone camera and ran it through Snapseed to tighten up some of the details. Then I used Mextures for some grit and scratches. Finally I used Noir for a vignette effect and to emphasise the stormy menace lurking in the clouds.


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