Continuing from the first installment of the “Indie Tags” series #nyekundu, I now present a second tag created on Instagram with another wonderful group of friends.  #0o0 shows our love, delirium and obsession with circles among many other things.

Circles, the reoccurring theme with #0o0, can be found in any form (except artificially generated with editing apps) in various places – on the floor, objects, street signs, holes, windows and endless exciting performances.

Once I mentioned that Instagram to me is like my taxonomy diary in which I collect, record, compile and separate the simple things that catch my attention.  I get caught by some feature of formal beauty or simply to evoke a sense of satisfaction to live it.

If you love circles, you’ll love this tag along with the selections we have made.

Jolanda explains :

I was really excited to find out that all these guys from all over the world, Hector (Mexico),  Michael (UK), José (Mexico), Matt (Australia) and Ozan (Turkey), were collecting full frame circles too. Together we wanted to share our pics so we invented #0o0. I believe it was Hector who proposed to use a tag and Matt who came up with 0o0 name and, in no time, had a lot of pics in our tag and friends who joined us.

#0o0’s first picture was tagged on 11-10-2011 by Michael; there are currently 5626+photos in the gallery.


Photo by : @xxxxxk7 


 Photo by : @macenzo


Photo by: @lesslee63


Photo by: @laura_noriega


Photo by: @juliegeb


Photo by: @fujimax1978


Photo by:  @bmjaworski


 Photo by: @benolivares


Photo by: @delstelle


Photo by: @roszcorrero


Photo by: @sadecefrd


Photo by: @strangers_opus


Photo by: @thenewinstacraig


Photo by: @subtlebro


Photo by: @iccattivik


Photo by: @jolandamoose



I started with IG early 2011 and was instantly hooked, images are much more valuable to me than words.

I work as a graphic (web) designer in the Netherlands and IG inspired me a lot.

Nowadays there are a lot circle tags, but in the beginning I thought I was the only one collecting circles. I started collecting them when I went to art school (90’s, analog) and rediscovered this addiction on IG.

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About Author

Hector Navarro
Mobile photographer promoter in Mexico

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