The Secret Revealed – Behind the scene of “Henry, Portrait of a Cereal Killer” by the Amazing Cedric Blanchon By Dilshad

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Cedric Blanchon! Not only I consider that interview one of my best, but also, I was honoured to better get to know Cedric, who, I can easily can say, is a true gentlemen with an unparalleled creativeness! During this interview I asked Cedric if he could have revealed to me some of his secrets and show me a how he manages to create his surreal pieces of work. Here, without much ado, A great tutorial by Cedric:

Henry, portrait of a cereal killer.

To make this picture, I take a picture with Camera+ using the timer. The staging is very important I put the head in cereals with milk for maximum results (photo 1)

Photo 1

Take your bowl of cereal, which I took it with pro camera (photo2)

Photo 2

I then open superimpose then load the background (photo 1) and the foreground (photo2) the result is in (photo 3)

Photo 3

After, set transparency for better juxtaposition  (photo 4 and 5)

Photo 4

And Photo 5

Pressed mask and choose the brush, decrease the size (choose the 20) and press the button soft (photo6)

Photo 6

Start clear and refined details, the goal is to have a perfect simulation (photo 7, 8)

Photo 7

And Photo 8

After saving it I open snapseed app and use the grunge effect, decrease thoroughly contrast and choose your style (photo 9)

Photo 9

Save your pic (photo 10)

Photo 10

Open vfxstudio (11)

Photo 11

Load your photo (12)

Photo 12

Choose fx and crack L effect (13 and 14)

Photo 13

And Photo 14

Superimpose your crack around your skull (15)

Photo 15

After you save it, open blender and load the photo 10 and then photo 15 ( photo 16)

Photo 16

Erase completely with the draw (17)

Photo 17

Then again repeat and choose another crack, but this time let reappear crack effect around the bowl of cereal (18 and 19)

Photo 18

And Photo 19

Your photo is ready (20)

Photo 20

After you can adjust the brightness and contrast and a little sharp. Hope you enjoyed it! Bye.

Thank you very much Cedric for this fab Tutorial!!!