the winter left behind, the spring well settled and while we are waiting for the summer to step in, we really don’t have any valid excuses to not to go out and observe life unfolding in front of our eyes! And yet, I just wanted to take a few minutes to look back at those cold months, which have finally gone, it’s more of a Mea Culpa for slowing down in those months and telling myself that it was too cold or too rainy or too foggy or just too… Forgive me father, for I have sinned, I have sinned of inventing excuses and not going out to photograph during this winter. Forgive me father, for I have been lazy and lost incredible opportunities, opportunities that these great artists below have actually managed to catch by being in the right place at the right time! So, this is just a lesson for me that teaches me one simple thing, which is that every season has it’s hidden beauty and that we are the one that don’t want to see it… Thank you for teaching me this!

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Nostalgia by Mohsen Chinehkesh

One of the things that makes street photography so fascinating for me is the fact that it’s like an unpredictable journey. In any moment there’s a chance to face an unexpected appealing situation or subject and, needless to say, with an iPhone you have no excuse to miss it. This photograph comes from such a moment. I was walking back home when I suddenly noticed a guy with a literally old-fashioned look. Tight suit, chapeau hat, long boot-like sideburns, mustache, etc. Such an outfit which remembers Iranian of the years before 1970’s (or 1360’s in Persian calendar) has a nostalgic impact on most of them. For me he was almost like a time traveler! I looked around to find a suitable place in his direction and there was an old brick building right next to a large modern shopping center. I stopped by the building and the guy reached the scene simultaneously with a woman wearing a black Chador which somehow completes the nostalgia. Definitely this photograph has some exclusive significations for Iranian but no one can blame others for what they see in any picture!

I took the photograph with Hipstamatic Classic (John S + AO BW) and then re-edited it with Oggl (Foxy + Uchitel 20) to reach a more vintage look.

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Winter Sun by Lee Atwell

The weather has been unusually sunny this winter in the Pacific Northwest which has provided unusual opportunities to capture urban shadows. Normally our short winter days are filled with clouds and rain and it can be difficult to feel inspired to take photos. However, on this particular day, after walking across a pedestrian bridge that crosses a railroad track, I was struck by the looming shapes of the shadows cast by the people coming towards the bridge.

I used the Hipstamatic app with the Tinto 1884 Lens and BlacKeys SuperGrain Film with Flash Off


 Soho by Robin Pope

The image was taken in Soho and been meaning to use this wall as a backdrop for some time and this person in the photo seemed to work well. I used the iPhone camera to take the photo and processed through Snapseed and Noir.


Untitled – Iris River

I wanted to capture the closeness of the community and families who came downtown on a very cold New Years eve to celebrate the festivities together.

App used: Snapseed


 Hazy Shade Of WInter by Sheldon Serkin

We’ve had a lot of opportunities to shoot in snowy/rainy conditions in NYC this winter, with what seems like one storm after another hitting the city. I captured this image shooting through a car window on one of those snowy days, as two New Yorkers trudged their way to work. Shot with oggl, processed with the Diego lens and Uchitel 20 film.

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