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The moon soaked us with its gaze. The brush of skin, the soft pressure of lips battling for their place in space but a destitute universe between us

What have I done?

His call shook me. All of me.  After so many years the simple sound of his voice and I reverted to yesterday. Thousands of yesterday’s past.

A glimmer, my light. Alfe wants to fill the dark spaces, my dark and vacant spaces and the ignorant, pleading side of me wishes he could but I know better. Only I can fill my void. I battle my own darkness.

My world feels empty though. I feel empty. I am empty. How do you fill emptiness with more empty and light the darkness with more dark?  Why does the heart always sloth behind will, intentions and desires?  The heart…the perpetual tortoise to the mind.

I walk alone, shoulder-to-shoulder in a crowd, the entire weight of the ocean fixed atop my chest, stealing moments of life with every suspended breath.

To wade out. Into it. Submerged whole until I’m left with only the beating vibration of my heart pelting in echoes the entirety of my head.

This. My new desire.