In today’s society a storyteller’s function has many faces. In the past it was the storyteller’s important duty to pass on knowledge to help his or her people survive. They passed on their history, traditions, beliefs and identity. In modern times a storyteller is so much more. They still tell stories of our history, traditions and beliefs but they also provide entertainment and educate us

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Today with the coming of the digital age each person is able to tell their individual stories sharing them with a wide audience. We want to help others with our knowledge, amuse them and share our experiences.

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Stories entertain us, help us understand each other and give us a sense of belonging. We share our experiences with others and read about others experiences to make sense of our
lives, showing us we are not alone. Stories can give us a sense of hope, help us connect with one another. They can show us that happy endings are still possible.

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In the past stories were passed on orally and later with books. In the modern age the passing on of stories continues thru books, magazines, newspapers, online and orally. For even now a person who can tell a great story is much beloved. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in today’s digital age another way to tell stories is thru pictures. With the advent of the mobile phone/camera everyone can be a storyteller. A mother telling the story of her family thru pictures. Someone telling the story of an important event because they had their mobile camera with them. Stories of love, pain, beauty and joy.

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Storyteller’s are still very much alive and well and needed. With so much human turmoil, so many people connected in the digital age a storyteller can show you the harsh realities of life whether real or imagined

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or the possibilities for the future.

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