The Fleeting Summer by Joel Aversing

As the heat rolls in and the days grow longer, the unmistakable sounds of summer emerge: the sizzle of meat on a hot grill, the splash and laughter of the kids in the pool, the distant sound of your neighbor mowing his lawn and more personally, the sound of my son repetitively bouncing his basketball on the pavement, as he strives for the perfect shot.

fleeting image_1

As I watch him, I realize that he’s at that magical age, a few weeks shy of 14, two months away from high school, a time of much change in his life.  He is straddling the line between childhood and becoming a full-fledged teenager.  Sure his age makes him a teenager already, but his actions, rolling around in the backyard with his dog, cuddling on the sofa with his mom, tell me he’s not quite there yet.  Though, there are some days where his attitude and constant texting with girls remind me that he’s on the cusp.

fleeting image_2

This summer will be a journey of self discovery for him.  It may be his last summer of freedom as next summer his hours may be filled with a part-time job.  He’s old enough to stay home alone now and for us to trust him to walk to his friend’s house unaccompanied.  I’m grateful that he enjoys exploring the outdoors just as much as he enjoys exploring the worlds in his video games.  Above all, I hope he takes the time this summer to enjoy his last few months of childhood, digging holes, poking things with sticks, exploring old buildings and shooting his favorite basketball shot over and over again before this time is gone forever.  One last crazy summer of freedom, and I’ll be there every step of the way with my camera capturing each moment of his transition from child to young man.

fleeting image_3
All shots were taken using the Lumia 1020 WindowsPhone. Post processed in Fantasia Painter and Oggl.  

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