Winter is a good time to think, make plans and visualize. Sometime after the snow began to melt I decided it’d be a good time to try my hand at moving pictures. I was testing out a Nokia Lumia 1020, and friends of mine were working on a new record.
It was the perfect scenario for an experiment.

I haven’t even thought about filming anything since college but lately I think about it more and more.
So with no real plan, I caught a train from Wilmington to Manhattan to meet up with the dudes in Aircrafting. Jon (singer/guitar) and I talked over beers of ideas, concepts and inspiration. We had a loose idea of how we wanted to do it, but I was relying more on the idea of making moving photographs then anything else. I wanted the video to have the same feel as my photography. That was the most important aspect for me.

It was a crisp, late winter morning and I found myself riding out of the city from Brooklyn to Queens to a sculpture garden in Roslyn, NY.

With nothing more than a feeling and the demo playing on our phones… I filmed for a few hours, doing only one or two takes of each scene. I wanted an unrehearsed and real feeling, still hoping to also capture a dreamy quality, if that makes sense. The dudes were quite easy to work with and really understood what I was asking for.

Everything you see here is filmed through the native camera on a Nokia Lumia 1020 and it’s all hand held. The camera itself worked perfectly and did exactly what I’d hoped it would do. In hindsight, I learned a lot and there are certainly some things I would do differently, though I am quite happy with the final product…

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the song and the moving photographs!

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