Beep Ahhh Fresh Crew by Bridgette S.

The Beep Ahhh Fresh Crew, based in and around Tacoma, WA, have a passion for music and HDR photography. Whether they’re spinning records, snapping photos or just hanging out, these friends are having a good ‘ole time.

They even go as far as hosting their own “Beep Ahhh Fresh Happy Hour” once a week, inviting others into their circle even if it doesn’t fit into their own style.

To me, they’re a true example of Social Photography – connecting and interacting with others via the arts.  It’s great to see a group of artists exhibit so much love for what they do and share it in a positive way.

They have a clear vision and I admire that.  So, even if HDR photography isn’t your thing, stay a while and get social.

How and when was Beep Ahhh Fresh formed?

Beep Ahhh Fresh Crew is a group formed in Seattle consisting of local DJ’s that participate in an event called the Skratch Lounge. In 2011 we discovered a common interest in photography and branched out into the photo realm, it’s all art just a different medium. I guess you can say we are an art group rather than a photo group.

“Reflectionscape” by Phil 

How many in your group?

8 of us handle the photography side and they are:

PJ aka Pjilla | Instagram
Warren aka DJ D’Lemma | Instagram • Podomatic • twitter • Facebook •  500px • SoundCloud • Podomatic
Jude aka JMR360 | Instagram
Steve aka Stevenyvas | Instagram
Eric aka DJ Estylz | Instagram • Mixcrate • Facebooktwitter
Derrick aka Callao Images | Instagram • Facebook
Phil | Instagram • 500px
Glenn | Instagram • 500px
“Almost There” by Warren 

Are you all in Tacoma?

We cover a pretty wide stretch of Washington. We have members living in Bremerton, Port Orchard, Tacoma, Federal Way, West Seattle, North Seattle and Shoreline… however, we all stay connected in a close way.

“Started From The Bottom” by Derrick 

What do you do as a group?

Basically we are just friends who happen to all enjoy photography. We started out with our iPhones and learning how to shoot and post process pictures through multiple apps. We offer support to each other through criticism and critique, and push each other to become better artists.

“Glass Sunset”  by Steve

Do you have a set night for Skratch Lounge? Any upcoming events?

Skratch Lounge is the first Thursday of every month at the Trinity Night Club in Seattle.

Warren also spins for Hot Jamz Radio 94.5fm every Friday night from 11pm to 1am.

“Nothing Else Matters But You” by Eric 

What makes your crew unique?

I think our biggest strength is being a small group. We talk to each other every day so there is a definite bond formed. Having that bond is really good when we try to push each other creatively. I know that my crew can give me an honest critique of my work and that’s something hard to find elsewhere. Most people just praise instead of giving constructive criticism. We work in that world of post processing but also know that the edit will only be as good as the shot, so the shot is the priority as it should be.

Our main focus is HDR photography. We have also dabbled into the fantasy edits where a few of our members have shown incredible imagination and pure talent. However our true passion is photography and chasing the perfect shot. We know to the photo world that HDR style photography is not totally accepted. Most still consider it unreal, overdone, or even cheating. What we do is try to change that perspective with our work by avoiding over processing and cartoon style edits. We try to make our pictures as real as possible but with brilliant colors and a perspective that is difficult to capture with the human eye. We try and show a different more realistic style of HDR that can be respected by artists because love it or hate it, it’s gonna be here for a long time to come.  Times change and just as other art has evolved we live in the digital age now so it’s only natural for photography to evolve as well.

“My City’s Filthy” by Jude

Who are your top influencers for music and photography?

Phil: Music has always played an important role in my life. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by music from my Dad tapping on the steering wheel to the Beatles and Led Zepplin to my Uncle dubbing me a tape of RUN DMC’s Tougher Than Leather. Classic rock and Hip-Hop is still the soundtrack to my life. From Pink Floyd and Black Keys to Wu-Tang Clan and Elzhi, music has influenced how I see art.

I started playing with photography at a young age snapping shots with my mom’s Polaroid. In High School I started rolling my own film and developing my own prints. I looked up to artists like Jerry Uelsmann, Ansel Adams and Paul Strand. Today some of my major influences are Alex Noriega, Francesco Gola and Andreas Gursky. Our crew has a unique style that puts a modern twist on what’s considered normal landscape photography. We all inspire each other and encourage pushing boundaries.

Warren: For music Mix Master Mike, Jake One, and 9th Wonder are some that influence me.
For Photography, my main influence is my crew because we motivate each other to get better. Kurteek on IG inspires me as well.

Glenn: I like all kinds of music but my favorite has to be late 80’s to early 90’s hip hop. Call me old school but to me this was the golden era. I also listen to some electronic music, new jack swing, alternative, and 70’s rock.

My main influences for photography come from everywhere. I can appreciate anyone with a good language in their photography. I am most inspired by @starvingphotographer, his work opened my eyes to a different HDR process. Also heavily inspired by, well, my crew of course! We push each other’s abilities and develop techniques in processing.

Derrick: Photography are my Crew. We make each other better.

Eric: For DJing, DJ Q-Bert, D-Styles, Shortkut, Neil Armstrong, Dj Prymetyme, and Kutfather.

As for the photography side, I would have to say Kurteek, DJ Babu, Holy Torres, @starvingphotographer, and the whole BeepAhhhFreshCrew.

Jude: Music influences are scratch DJs/turntablists like DJ Qbert, all of the skratch piklz, Beat Junkies, DJ Craze, all the skratch Lounge DJs and underground hip hop groups.

“Clear Openings” by PJ

What are your go-to camera and editing apps?

Phil: I started doing HDR with just an iPhone. I would shoot multiple exposures and then combine them using Photomatix and then clean them up with Adobe Lightroom. iPhone apps that I use are 645 Pro, Bracket Mode, Snapseed, Night Mode, PhotoFX and Slow Shutter. Nowadays I mostly use a Canon t5i with a variety of lenses.

Warren: I mainly use Photomatix on my computer for my camera pics and Snapseed for my iPhone pics.

Glenn: I shoot DSLR primarily. I bracket my shots usually 3 or 5 to get my exposures for full range.

For processing I use Photomatix and Lightroom. I then use these iPhone apps to get the final look I want: Snapseed, PhotoFX, Filterstorm, Blender, Perfectly Clear and the Instagram editing tools.

Derrick: Photomatix and Lightroom.

Jude: I’m an iPhone only user.  For apps my most used are Bracket Mode, Squareready, Filterstorm, Snapseed, Juxtaposer and SlowShutter.

“Couch Potato” by Glenn