Yesterday, EyeEm published a blog post that announced the new missions in partnership with The Huffington Post. They announced three new ways  to participate which can be viewed on their FULL BLOG POST.  What immediately grabbed my attention was the third mission. They are calling for photos about meaningful stories from EyeEm members. Who better to get involved than the Grryo community!!  I’d love nothing more than to see our community members be selected and published in the world renowned Huffington Post.

So, this is your call to action!! Let’s show them the power of storytelling through our images.  Below is all the info on how to get involved…

“The third way to become a part of the story is sharing your photos in a new EyeEm album called Huffington Post Stories. Simply tag your photos about stories that you would like to tell with The Huffington Post and we will be looking through this album, connect you with The Huffington Post and you may get the opportunity to blog about your story to a large audience.

We truly feel like this is just the beginning of something special. Your photos will always have attribution along with a link, so the exposure that you’ll be getting is immense. It’s a win for you, the photographer, and for journalists. That’s what makes us proud of this announcement.” – EyeEm Team