Gretchen Grace | SO?Gretchen Grace 

I am a designer and a typographer, as well as a photographer. Letterforms have always spoken to me. This picture was taken in Manhattan. I saw this word painted on a construction fence and I waited for this shot. I couldn’t remember what the actual word was, SOT?, SOY? but as I look back I see that it was SOW?. I really like how the two people in the shot are both on their cell phones; are they speaking to each other? Are they saying “SO?”.

Gretchen Grace | Hands UpDina Alfasi

The picture was taken in the train, with iPhone 5. This Photography is part of a series of train photos #mydtrainphoto The story behind it – It was taken during the last days of the war took place here recently. The Photograph shows a soldier returning from the front and in the newspaper was written in the title: “Salute You”

And over the title images of the soldiers who were killed during the war.


I’m based in Australia. This shot was taken and edited on my iPhone 5S using Procamera 7 during Vivid Sydney at an instameet (arranged by @vividsydney @igerssydney and @visitnsw amongst others).

Although there was a light projection randomly appearing and disappearing on the wall to the right, it was the arrow that drew me to this shot, as well as the silhouettes of the people walking past. I took a shot, just a second earlier, of the same man when he was right in front of the arrow. Normally I’m a big fan of pure silhouette shots, but I felt that the image lost it’s power as his outline totally broke up the shape of the arrow, blunting the tip! Thankfully, I took this slightly later shot. It doesn’t matter that he’s now broken up the typography of the Museum of Contemporary Ar (!), because the arrow is seen, glowing, and exuding its odd, contradictory message. Here, the silhouetted people serve to substantiate its full height and size as they emerge from the darkness and into the light beyond.


Story: My husband and I wanted to check out the raved-about Food Truck craze going on in downtown Knoxville during the popular Saturday morning Farmer’s Market that opens in early May and runs until November. There’s about 4 of them all in a row on Union Avenue and it’s jam-packed with lines of people plus their well-behaved, well-groomed pets. Mister Canteen serves fresh southern fare with ingredients sourced straight from the farm a non-GMO food truck. The amazing story behind the three women who run it can be found in The Southern Food Issue of Garden & Gun Magazine August/September 2014 Issue. Just people watching around the food trucks was a photographers dream itself! Patience was key for cropping the shot and finding the right moment in between crowd surges. This was shot with Hipstamatic app using Yuri 61 lens and T. Roosevelt 26 film from The District HipstaPak on iPhone 5.