Having all of your belongings tucked into a single bag is strangely freeing.

Camera dangling from her hand, she leaves the station and crosses the tracks, for though she has destinations in mind, she knows that often, the best experiences are the ones you haven’t planned.

With this in mind, she heads into the small town.

Editor’s Note: To understand where Chloe is now you need to understand where Chloe began her journey and where it is headed. The Reinvention of Chloe is a collaborative effort by much of the Grryo team to realize a dream our dear friend Ale began before his death. We do hope you enjoy the journey.

About Author

Jeff Kelley
Jeff can usually be found roaming the streets of Northampton, Massachusetts, pretending to deliver mail. Between deliveries he takes pictures with his iPhone, always in search of new ways of interpreting the world around him. His editing style ranges from minimal to outrageous, and constant experimentation, collaboration, and inspiration from other mobile photographers keeps Jeff motivated to try new things.