Only this time, tears of hope. Tears of freedom, of wonder and possibility.  No more squandering of life.  “I don’t live in sadness anymore.”

She leaves the tears to dry on her face and rises, gathering her things slowly and methodically.  In her minds eye, the boy now grown smiles and reaches out for an embrace.  In pictures such as these, his face is small and wide-eyed; Innocent…  and in an instant he becomes the man who leaves his mother as it should be.  Kiss him on the cheek. “You’re the best thing I’ve ever done, my love.  Now, go and live!  Make mistakes and learn, love and mourn, run and fly.  Be happy, my baby boy.  And remember to call your mother.”

He never forgets.  Every Sunday since the day he flew out of her arms and into his own life.

And now, another life emerges.  Chloe leaves the heavy cloak of anxiety and regret in her seat on the train.  Another burden left behind.  She need not know the future or curse the past.  Only today, and now.  Today is everything.  She steps off the train, onto unfamiliar ground and possibility…

Editor’s Note: To understand where Chloe is now you need to understand where Chloe began her journey and where it is headed. The Reinvention of Chloe is a collaborative effort by much of the Grryo team to realize a dream our dear friend Ale began before his death. We do hope you enjoy the journey.