Welcome to the tenth edition of the GRRYO 1000 Words Facebook Showcase!  Since the creation of the Facebook group, we have seen it grow and watched inspiring work being posted daily. We are happy to be able to showcase some of the outstanding work that is being shared.

GRRYO believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow.

We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community. To submit your work click here.


“Let me ease your pain…”  by Rob Depaolo

“I have always had a thing for “dark” art as well as for the steampunk aesthetic. In particular, the “Plague Doctor” look has always fascinated me, and I’ve recently acquired a few different masks of this sort to use in some of my conceptual work. This photo is the first in what will be an ongoing series that I will add to slowly over time. I won’t say where it is going, but it will continue to evolve at a slow pace.

As human beings, we all wear various “masks” throughout our lives. They are the different personas, attitudes, and images that we “wear” when interacting with others. Deep down we know that we are all hiding our true selves from others, and to see someone wearing a mask can be an unsettling reminder of our own inauthenticity. If we were truly comfortable with ourselves as we really are, the sight of someone else in a mask would be as natural as seeing clouds in the sky.

This photo was shot with an iPhone 5s using the beta version of the new 645 Pro with manual controls. The manual exposure control, in particular, made it easier to get the exposure I wanted for the dark feel of this image. I edited this photo in primarily in Filterstorm Neue with subtle textures added in Mextures.”

J Simpson

“Fibonacci”  by Jeffrey Simpson Facebook // Flickr // Instagram // Website

On most days, I would say that the intricate textures, shape, and intimate quality of this Queen Anne’s Lace drew me to this particular flower. Although, this day, very soon after the recent death of my dad, it was more about capturing the beauty that exists all around us, everywhere.Setup included small studio with black backdrop with lighting. Initial shot was taken using Pureshot. The edit was in Snapseed, adjusting the brightness and adding details. I then used the curves feature in Filterstorm/Nueue to dramatically darken the background. The shot is titled… Fibonacci



“The queens command” by Stef LP


“Thrilled to be able to do multiple exposures with my iPad I began experimenting with it.

This particular shot came after a series of light and shadow that felt empty.
I wanted to add something
Randomly hanging around,
-this mask worked well for me.
These heads can be very moody looking and represent a neutral but universal presentation of being.
There was no post processing other then increasing contrast.”


“The Rudeboy Barbers at Somerset House” by Vivi Hanson

Apps used : ProCamera 7 to take photo, Snapseed, BlurFX, Mextures

I love visiting Somerset House in London http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/ and always go in to photograph it’s magnificent staircase! Somerset House always has really interesting exhibitions and on this occasion there was a fantastic exhibition of The Return of the Rudeboy which combined beautiful portrait photography, music, fashion and barbering! http://modernbarber.co.uk/check-in-at-somerset-house-for-return-of-the-rudeboy/ The set up was wonderful and I asked the barber if I could take his photo and he gave me a huge smile! Loved that I got the customer in the mirror!

I wanted to focus my edit on the barber and his customer so used BlurFX to blur everything else out. Then edited my image using one of my B&W presets in Mextures.

Aldo Pacheco

“Little Dolls” by  Aldo Pacheco

Flickr // EyeEm

I took the photo with native camera from iPhone 4s, when I went to a local thrift store looking of I don’t remember what. Then I get to the toys section of the store and I found little dolls form many brands packed in plastic bags, and the “babies” called my attention, they look weird and kind of sexual. So I took the chance to shot some photos before I left the store empty handed.
The process was very simple and I only used Snapseed to work around the color and make it soft, the add a little grunge and crop to square format


“Fok” by Andy Alexandre

Instagram // Facebook

I’m Andy, i’m french from Marseille, and my way is to use only iPhone to take and to edit pictures.

I like to work on bodies and faces with different mood and touch.
All male bodies part are mine.

– Fok – (inspired by Olafur Arnalds – music)

To start i used “Timer” to shoot myself with delay.

I use “Mextures” to create a texture background.

With “Image Blender” I can overlay my selfie onto the background picture.

I use “IcoloramaS” to create this effect explode on my head.

To add clouds i use “SpacePaint”

And finaly “Mextures” to add some scratch for a vintage atmosphere.