For the last few weeks we have been asking our audience to finish a story. We have supplied them with a photo and story prompt and they have spun incredible stories.  The idea originated with my friend Tommy and has grown each week. Here at Grryo we are always looking for new story tellers and this has been the perfect way to showcase talent. please join us every Monday for your chance to be on the blog. we look forward to your stories.


photo by Jim Perdue @jimsiphone

Life in the city depends on the women, kid. You’re gonna want to think real hard about shacking up with one, whether it’s for one to three nights or forever. I myself went the one to three nights route for a real long time until that last one who burned three holes in my ass with a Swisher Sweet while I was playing the sub and took off with my wallet and new croc leather brogues. Usually you’ve got to buy them their fancy blue drinks at some shitty, dark-cornered club loaded with annoying graduate students in history who know too much and do too little, and then their three-egg morning omelets (although if she’s loaded them up with hot sauce, look again, you might have a live one [or a recovering addict]), all the while making ridiculous small-talk while internally reminiscing over just HOW she gets all that in her mouth at once. No, kid, this ain’t like the hills where your ma and I were born. You want a woman who drinks beer, eats raw potatoes, and never, NEVER, plays the dom. Women here, they’ve got one thing on their minds. You know what that is? You guessed it: freedom.

Written by: Cally Lence