Each week we ask the community to tell us a story based on a photo. We have compiled a few into a month digest so you can enjoy them all in one place. Please join us on Monday mornings to tell your story.


Story credit: Laura McCann 
Photo credit: Graeme Roy 

The Story
He felt the slices of sunlight on his back and neck; undulations of heat and emptiness. Should I? Shouldn’t I? If I do, it will devastate her. But then again, if I do, maybe I can make it up to her. One day. Yes.



Story credit: Christine Benner
Photo credit: Devin Graf 

The Story
Eighth time I’ve shoveled this effing car out…I should have sold it when I had the chance. I’m so over this winter. I wonder what Amy is up to? I really need to clean out the garage. I’m feeling like chicken for dinner. Sigh, ok, let’s get shoveling.


Story credit: Rebecca Cornwell 

Photo credit: Maki Tabusa 

The Story
Words are so unnecessary when it’s enough to see, hear, smell and touch. I hadn’t seen her in almost 3 months. Her absence was felt deeply in the house. Sometimes we missed her easy chuckle and quick wit while other times there was relief in not feeling subject to her judgment and chaos. She had become impossible to read, sometimes lost and other times angry. Looking back now, I can understand the mental illness that was gripping her but at the time I thought it was just normal teenaged rebellion. I had raised her carefully, eating only organics, refraining from alcohol and caffeine during my pregnancy. This hyper awareness of her needs, wants and constant and unflinching protection continued through childhood. The
first time we found her unconscious I thought it was an accident or a reaction to something she had eaten. She was secretive. The second time when we discovered her, fully clothed, in the tub with the blood pooling around her, I saw in her devastation so complete, I wondered if any of us would ever recover.


Story credit: Rose Sherwood
Photo credit: Fabio Giavara 

The Story
These people have been riding the same subway route daily. Nothing out of the ordinary happens until today, when this person boards and starts yelling obscenities at everyone. Some riders are surprised by the behavior and others don’t care. It’s the insanity of living in a large city. People sometimes disconnect because the craziness will surround you and drag you into it….