Last winter with the help and support of my good friend of Jon Tehel, I drove to New York to record some songs I wrote. It had been about a decade since I wrote or recorded anything but the notion came over me like a great wave. I felt like I had something in me that needed to come out, a ghost of sorts. The winters are long on the East Coast, long and bitter cold.  I could only write and sing what I know. I did my best to paint a picture of my daily life at the time. Romanticizing the bleak, finding beauty in the common scenes. Every morning on my radio was either the late Jason Molina or Springsteen, I did my best to learn from them and keep my own voice, as ragged as it may be. I just wanted to make something real.

These are the images from that day in Queens cutting the first vocal and guitar tracks, only doing two takes of each song, to keep in the spirit of doing something real.

Please visit here to hear the music