Every Monday we ask our audience to share their stories with us on Instagram. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you.


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Photo Credit: Raphael Gthl

Story Credit: Susan Peck

His book bag was full near to overflowing today. An adventure story for the shy boy. A tale of tragedy followed by triumph for the girl who had lost her Papa to cancer. Her sad eyes haunted him, and he wished he could take a share of her pain away. There was a book of riddles and rhymes for the budding class clown… Abe thought he needed some new, and more suitable material. He imagined their expectant faces, as he carefully made his way, slowly through the town toward the orphanage on the outskirts. He had been one of those children once, after the war. His sole possession from that time was a book his father had pressed into his hands as they were separated on the sorting platform. He had always felt that book had saved him somehow, as he now sought to save this new generation of lost boys and girls, parents lost to drugs, violence, or incarceration.


Photo Credit: Sheldon Serkin

Story Credit: Rose Sherwood

Everyone carries a window with them. At times, it is transparent, at other times it is either translucent or opaque. Its work is to help outsiders look into the depths of humanity; of course, the size of the window is what really matters….


Photo Credit: Graeme Roy

Story Credit: Tony Nahra

He was released from the hospital, but perhaps the medicine was still clouding his mind. Sure, the recovery for his surgery was long, but his teary-eyed loved ones had been by his side, holding his hands and whispering sweet words in his ears. He wondered why they had left and not returned — maybe weeks ago? Just then, he reached for the door and his hand passed right through the handle.


Photo Credit: Bobbie Prosser

Story Credit: Meg Williams

When he came home at night, I turned down the lights and he was mine for awhile. I’d trace the lines around his eyes and wonder what sorrows led him here. I knew I’d never leave him and I knew he’d never stay.