How do you write a poem in 140 characters or less? Actually, less than 140 characters, because I usually tie the poem to one of my images. That cuts the space down to 117. Even with a link shortener, like ow.ly, that still leaves me with only a skimpy offering of 95 characters to wax poetic. I can forget hashtags like #poetweet and #twaiku. I don’t like being long-winded, but writing something meaningful with rhythm and rhyme in 95 characters is a challenge. I’ll give it my best go. I’ve already tried a few. Here are a couple of my recent Twitter expressions. Never mind the title. Not enough characters for one.

Gloomy gray 

California day


I wanted my latest to be a thought stirrer. The image wasn’t so serious, so I kept it light.

He rides from point A to point B

Not very fast but definitely free. 


I got a little motherly feedback on Instagram for allowing my kids in be on train tracks, which happened to be disassembled. But my mini controversy got me thinking of a sub-100 word poem for Twitter.

  Warnings they refused to heed

To sit on the rails with books to read. 


Here’s the next one in the queue. Do you have about 95 characters?

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