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Photo Credit: Manuel Rguez Hermoso

Story Credit: Susan Peck

The evening had begun to cool off as a breeze from the inlet moved slowly up the streets toward the top of the hill where the mansion sat. “I was just a young man when I came to this island. Now, I am old,” Luther said aloud. There was no one near to hear his lament. He smoked his cigarette in the gathering dusk. The bus, usually a timely presence, was late tonight, and it gave him time to cast his mind back beyond today’s work to a time when he was young and strong, and he could stride straight up the hill to the big House without a loss of breath. Luther coughed after his last draw, and stubbed out his smoke with annoyance. Annoyed to be old. Poor. Tired. As the old bus rumbled around the corner and came to a noisy stop in front of him Luther pulled himself up to face another long night, the kind that only visits the old and tired.

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Photo Credit: Clara Torrents Canals

Story Credit: Joe Montoya

Vanessa hovered over her youngest as he stubbornly refused to go inside for his afternoon naps. “I’m big like daddy,” Little Nate reasoned.” “Stubborn like daddy too,” Vanessa mumbled under her breath.


Photo Credit: Nige Ollis

Story Credit: David Calvin

John Goodman being pushed by his assistant, was convinced he could be the lead role in Mrs Doubtfire Part II.


Photo Credit: Xaverius Endro

Story Credit: Susan Peck