Storytellers Circle is a wonderful place where lines flow from the creative imaginations of followers in Gryyo’s Instagram group. All of this is spurred on by the inspiring images gleaned from the #wearegrryo and #grryo tags. Join us to experience or contribute to some magical moments.





The Photo Team

Photo: Tony Nahra

Edit: Valeria Cammareri

Now beginning its ninth month, Storytellers Circle on Grryo’s Instagram account has become a weekly feature many anticipate. The formula is simple. An inspiring photo says something to the heart of our followers and those interpretations find their way into the comment section. Some storytellers swoop in for a season and then move on to tell their stories elsewhere. Occasionally some magic happens when a follower threads short lines, only to have someone else add to it. Soon a beautiful tale is woven together to accompany the inspiring image. This happened a few weeks ago so we are featuring the excellent photo/story collaboration that took place then, plus the added treat of Valeria’s inspiration behind the photo.

The Story Team

Jeff Kelley

Rose Sherwood

Nancy Dimock

The Story

A passerby had just told him his shadow had magically taken on an avian form. Did he dare turn around and look? Or would that just prove he was gullible? That one persistent gull followed him back to his home, but something was different. He began to develop a craving for fish. Any kind of fish! It freaked him out because he is allergic to seafood!

The Backstory – Valeria Cammareri

Just a few words about the making of this shot. I have always been impressed by the impact Tony Nahra’s images have on me. What I have often felt is a sense of impending catastrophe, where the only one unaware is the protagonist of the image while the observer perceives the ominous atmosphere. This vague sense of persecution of an innocent is the leading theme of Franz Kafka’s many novels. Kafka, a Jewish writer born in Prague in 1883, in his “Metamorphosis” tells us the story of a traveling salesman who wakes up in his bed to find himself transformed into a large insect. Looking for an edit of one of Tony’s images, my attention was captured by this little man, the innocent, and the proud seagull . So I imagined the transition between what he was going to lose, his human body, and his new condition as an animal with a human soul. That’s what I represent here, and that’s why I called this image “Metamorphosis.”