Every Monday we ask our audience to share their stories with us on Instagram. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you.



Photo Credit: Veronica

Story Credit: Pam

You can’t be a proper Sugar Plum Fairy without the sugar… pixie stix, M&Ms, skittles, pop rocks. It was all so tempting, so blissfully fun. Giddy, not wanting to lose the euphoria, she kept sneaking back to the candy bowl. But it was that last gummy bear that pushed her from sugar rush to belly ache. The hangover was no fun. “Never!” she thought, “I’m never going to over indulge again. Never!” (until the next time…)


Photo Credit: Nathalie

Story Credit: Tommy

Jericho may have been the youngest in the family but he felt he was the one who had the biggest heart for exploring. He had listened to momma and his two sisters chatter on the long drive. She was telling Shona and Cindra about how it had been almost 26 years since she had last seen the ocean. As momma described the long sandy beach and the pounding waves of the ocean, Jericho sat quietly in the back but inside he couldn’t wait to run and see this magnificent sight. As soon as the car stopped he was out and off like a shot. “If I can just make it to the other side of those bushes and trees ahead,” he thought, “I will be the first of momma’s kids to explore this great new world.”

Photo Credit: Joe Montoya

Story Credit: Tommy Wallace

It’s day 6 of Jenna’s pet photography project and she has decided that cats are not the most cooperative subjects. Jingles won’t ever look at the camera and King Tut is always putting himself on a pedestal. Why couldn’t mom and dad have had dogs.


Photo Credit: Montse

Story Credit: Susan

The Box Trolls have, if nothing else, a deeply genuine love for the human children, and do everything they can to amuse and entertain the kids with their whimsical inventions.