Every Monday we feature a photo prompt and ask our audience to share their stories to accompany it with us on Instagram. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you. In September we paired stories that reflected the loneliness found in images from our excellent Grryo photographers. Take a moment to drink in the lines that we have here for you and enjoy the photos that inspired them. Storytellers and photographers alike would love to hear your encouragement and comments!



Photo Credit: Valeria
Story Credit: David

Ed waited all day for his ex wife to drop off his daughter Chloe. Surrounded by so many people, but feeling so alone. Once again Ed would spend his birthday in solitude.


Photo Credit: Akiko
Story Credit: Rose

After learning to walk on glass, he sat down and was overwhelmed, not by the accomplishment but by the pain. There was no one that witnessed his feat (feet) and the realization of what he had done really did not matter, he was alone.


Photo Credit: Luis
Story Credit: Joe

Gertrude was the name on her birth certificate but everyone on the street called her “Candy” and those who knew her well called her “Sweet Candy.” She did her rounds morning and night checking on the homeless and occasionally offering oatmeal cookies she made from scratch. The people considered her a saint except for 2 young men who attempted to snatch Candy’s purse and met Candy’s walking stick instead. After one suffered a well-deserved concussion and the other a broken nose, they called her “Candy Cane.”


Photo Credit: Ari
Story Credit: Susan

Lani wished she could simply vanish… melt away into her surroundings. Lured to this location by the mysterious stranger whose texts had instructed her to be in this very place, at this very time, it was completely empty, half dark and half filled with light, and she could not tear her eyes away from the empty screen of her phone. Her dark clothes, her dark mood, in complete opposition to the wall that was holding her up – light, bright, strong. This rendezvous… her racing heart causing a blush to cross her face that looked like anger and her mind moving too fast to make any sense. Lani’s phone remained silent, as if rebuking her impetuousness.