In GRRYO’s Instagram account  we feature a photo prompt each Monday and ask our audience to share their stories to accompany the image. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you. November found us putting ourselves in the place of the subject of each week’s photo and offering stories from a first person perspective. You will be pleased not only by the images provided by our fantastic Grryo photographers but also by the stories that accompany them. So come and browse through this digest, savoring the delicacies of street life and a clown. We look forward to seeing you next Monday on Instagram to participate in our present theme.

Photo Credit: Sheldon
Story Credit: David

I was in shock and awe, completely dumbfounded at the revelation of the news from my mum. Iggy Pop was my Dad! I knew I was from great lineage and now my chance at stardom was finally upon me.


Photo Credit: Darryl
Story Credit: Ness

To all the clowns out there, please do not take offence by what I am about to say, you see, looking at you makes me sad, not happy at all. I don’t know how it happened, maybe it was your fake painted on smiles, or your oversized dirty shoes that scared me at my first circus. Or perhaps that as a child you seemed to want to come real close, gain my confidence and then do some stupid thing that scared the crap out of me. And now what I see behind the outfit are lonely guys, men who most likely once were funny, the jokers from high school now down on their luck and having to work weekends or creepy movie stereotypes. So dear clowns I am one of the ones keeping my distance, standing back from the crowd, please leave me there and don’t come over bringing me wilted flowers it’s never going to make me laugh. I know because I am one of you.


Photo Credit: Roy
Story Credit: Susan

That bitch. That FUCKING bitch! I can’t believe she’d throw that night back in my face. The entire debacle was HER FAULT and hers alone… she knows it, I know it, everyone that was there knows it! Delusional. Straight up cray cray. Bitch!


Photo Credit: Gonzalo
Story Credit: Joe

These kids think they know it all with their faces in their gizmos. They don’t know diddley squat! And what are those metal cigarettes? Smoke a real one with real tobacco. Hey, we got some things right in our day. We knew how to live!


Photo Credit: Halberstam
Story Credit: Cally

You wanna know something about me? My underwear are too tight, I passionately love macaroni and cheese, and I owe Discover Financial Services $46,500 because those years of five-figure bonuses are as rare now as the all-nighters at the brightly lit, yet sub-humanly depressing blue cubicle that birthed them. I still dream of that place some nights. Only I’m not wearing pants and I forgot my Blackberry. It’s a badly faded memory, darkened with time and overworked cortisol. It’s all over now, and that’s probably ok. I’ve got a family to hang out with instead. And I’ve got a family to provide for. That’s why I’m glad you’ve made the first move. Let me clue you in on a little secret. The secret to longevity. Look at me. I look good. Damn good. I’m 57 years old, but I look 42. Just follow me down to the end of the corridor here where we can talk in private. Ok good. Now, the first thing you need to know is…*THUNK*

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