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Postal is a project about short messages, or fragments (from the Latin word fragmentum, meaning “an isolated or incomplete part of something”). What is that something? In this case, it is our own daily realities. The daily realities of three different people. Each of us in a different part of the world, sending to one another our own pieces of a puzzle we share, which becomes real as the very process is taking place.

In each instance, a different private moment, selected or highlighted at random, becomes a new piece of that puzzle: a vanishing point of a singular reality, its fate to become part of a bigger picture. Part of a three-headed creature that will, at least for a while, inhabit a single body.

The old habit of sending postcards seems very apposite to our purpose; that gesture of travellers, beautiful in its simplicity, of sending something simply to say, “I’m thinking of you now”.  Far from a long letter all about oneself  “à la Sévigné”, it is precisely this mere glimpse, this awareness that something is incomplete, which allows us to experience a sense of process. Because this game we are playing creates its own meaning only at the time, and at the rhythm, in which it is being played out. Each postcard on its own is simply a decontextualized image of a mute hieroglyphic.

Derrida said that what he liked most about postcards was the fact that they were made to circulate like an open but illegible letter. We agree.

“ While you occupy yourself with turning it around in every direction, it is the picture that turns you around like a letter, in advance it deciphers you, it preoccupies space, it procures your words and gestures, all the bodies that you believe you invent in order to determine its outline. You find yourself, you, yourself, on its path.“

Jacques Derrida. The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond

Perhaps what attracted us to this project was nothing more than an excuse to wander through the streets we are in, be they in Rome, Paris or London, whether it is somewhere close to where we live, or somewhere we may happen to be at any given moment. It is about an exchange of ideas and feelings within a context that is all to do with a plurality of expression, which is open to diversity, without rules or regulations. It is, quite simply, an exploration of individual urban spaces – female spaces – from different cities.

In this journey, nothing is planned, nothing expected. There is no preparation, no schedule. There is a beginning, but there is no end.

Gemma Antón @g_e_mm_a

Orietta Gelardin Spinola @orietta.gs

Ione Saizar @ionecell



It’s difficult to say where everything started… Either way it is not so important. The key element may be the desire to communicate to each other. We do think in each other and each postcard is a unique proof of it. In whatever way we share it.

It is a creative action on a primary stage at the moment. We want to humor ourselves while enjoying the “process”. Like a jam ballet. It’s a gesture, a glimpse. It’s an artistic offering we do to each other. No questions are asked.

What will it be when it grows up? We don’t know, and we don’t need to know. We just love to see it growing up freely. It will talk when it’s ready.

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Gemma Antón Serna

Born in Valencia is currently Living in Paris.

She combines her work in architecture with photography and collage.

Has participated in some collective shows. Her work appears in some printed and online publications as #4 eyesightZine

At the moment she is collaborating in some artistic Projects as h4rt “the hothouse for rough translations” while she continues working solo.





Orietta Gelardin Spinola

Is a Graphic Designer born in Madrid (Spain) from an American father and an Italian mother, currently living between Madrid and Rome (Italy).

After having studied a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design between London and New York City, she settled in Madrid to pursue her professional career.

She has participated in various group shows.

One of her photos has been included in the ‘Out of the Phone’ mobile photography book.

Her work has been featured in magazines such as The Guardian, La Repubblica, Huffington Post Italia, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Indie Rocks…

At the moment she works in her graphic design studio (Alcorta & Gelardin).





Ione Saizar

Was born in San Sebastian, Spain. She earned her BA in Photography at the London College of Printing and she completed her Master in Image and Communication at the Goldsmiths  College, London. Actually she lives and work as a freelance photographer in London






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