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This is what I said to him. I said, I am a widow. I have lived by myself for many years. I do not need your “special attention”. I have my friends who are enough to me. But, God forgive me, he was quite handsome and I agreed to a cappuccino. Now, what do you think I should do? He wants breakfast!

Photo by @shelserkin

His disappointment was palpable. She couldn’t begin to imagine all that he would be facing in this unforeseen journey she was about to be taking them on. But, she could sense that much. …And that he wasn’t disappointed in her…never, in her. And that was enough.

Photo by @le_cap

This was certainly not what he had imagined when coming to this town for the very first time… not at all. All the dreams within that small bag he brought were vanished. Now, standing alone, with wet feet and old clothes, he could only remember the old days when he was looking for something new to fill his soul. He sighs, realizing he already had it all and now he doesn’t even know if he has the strength he needs to start it all over again… to look at his wife’s eyes and tell her, “we’ll make it through this, Annie. I promised I would always take care of you, and I will”
Nagore @nhagore27
The Men in Black may already be on the scene, but they better think twice if they plan on leaving the Ladies in Red behind!

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