Take Us To Guadalajara

Take Us To Guadalajara

Take Us To… ” is an ongoing travel series around the world which features several photographers in a given location. The goal is to give you an inside look as to what the city is like day by day.

Today we fly non-stop to Guadalajara, aka “The Pearl of the West” and Mexico’s second largest city.

After working with Héctor on several projects, including Dreams Without Borders, I have been curious to see more of the people and places of Guadalajara.  Héctor has graciously led the photography team to ensure that this project would portray the culture and life as seen through their eyes.

Included in this article are Emilio Bracho, Carlos Calles, Edgar Adolfo Espinoza, Johathan Gonzalez, Adriana Guerra, Flor Lopez, Juan José López, Alex Mange,  Héctor Navarro, Paco Navarro, Iszrael Padilla and René Valencia – a selection of the city’s finest and most passionate artists.

Thank you for making this come alive and for taking us to your special place!

Sit back and enjoy the ride…


“Take Us To …” es una serie de viajes por  el mundo que muestra  varios fotógrafos en un lugar determinado. El objetivo es mostrarles una mirada al interior de la ciudad así como el día a día.

Hoy volamos  sin escalas a Guadalajara, también conocido como “La Perla de Occidente” y la segunda ciudad más grande de México.

Después de trabajar con Héctor en varios proyectos, como “DreamswithoutBorders”, he tenido la curiosidad de ver y conocer más gente y lugares de Guadalajara. Héctor ha llevado amablemente el equipo de fotografía móvil asegurando de que este proyecto retrate la cultura y  vida vista a través de sus ojos.

Los participantes en este artículo son Emilio Bracho, Carlos Calles, Edgar A. Espinoza, Jonathan González, Adriana Guerra, Flor López  , Juan José López, Alex Mange, Paco Navarro, Iszrael Padilla, René Valencia y Héctor Navarro. Una selección de artistas apasionados de esta ciudad.

Gracias por hacer esto posible y poder llevarnos a este lugar especial

Pónganse cómodos y disfruten el viaje.


TakeUsToGuadalajara @wearejuxt from Luis Gmo Navarro on Vimeo.


Meet The Photographers

Emilio Bracho 

Currently dedicated to Social Media/Web/Photography, live in GDL, a free soul, enjoy to play guitar and take iPhone photos…

A true Hard Rock/Metal head, proud dad/husband and mobile photographylover.

Instagram + iPhone have allowed me to explore the world of photography in a way that wasn’t possible before, addicted to it since day one…
Share, learn, see, grow, expand…

Like to improvise as I go… love bnw…

Currently active on several projects with Igers Mexico / Igers Guadalajara

Favorite quote is a traditional chinese saying, “Drink Water, Remember Source”
飲水思源 (yin-shui-ssu-yüan)

Website // Instagram  // EyeEm // Facebook // Email


never before I felt so free…


Carlos Calles

Carlos Calles aka Chasey has been a mobile photographer for two and a half years. He has studied Photography at the Tec de Monterrey and enjoys sharing his pictures through the internet.

He likes to travel around the world and capture different cultures. Chasey is a drummer and has his own Rock band in Guadalajara.

Loves art in general.

Carlos Calles es fotógrafo móvil desde hace dos años y medio. Estudió fotografía en el Tec de Monterrey y disfruta compartiendo sus fotos en Internet. 

Chasey, como es conocido en el ambiente de la fotografía móvil, gusta de viajar por el mundo y capturar con sus fotos las diferentes culturas. Es baterista de Rock en una banda en Guadalajara y le gusta la pintura y el arte en general.

Website // Flickr // Instagram // EyeEm

“Minerva Guadalajara” 


Edgar Adolfo Espinoza

Mobile Photographer / Member of Igers Mexico and Igers Guadalajara

Fotografo Movil / Miembro de Igers Mexico e Igers Guadalajara


Instagram // Facebook // twitter // Email

“my new heaven”


Jonathan Gonzalez

I am an engineer and mobile and web programmer.  This is something I enjoy doing very much, for hours and as a hobby.

Two and half years ago I met Instagram, one of the social networks that sparked my love for photography. I still remember my first group show with Igers Guadalajara, I screamed like crazy and it was an excellent experience.

I don’t have a preferred style of photography because I always experiment taking photos from pets, sky, architecture, macro, food and anything that is put in front of the lens. I think photography is a great way to express and share details of everyday life and why not? experiment a little of creativity.

Soy ingeniero y programador para móviles y web, es algo que disfruto mucho y lo puedo hacer por horas y por hobby.

Hace dos años y medio conocí Instagram, una de las redes sociales que despertó mi gusto por la fotografía. Aun recuerdo mi primera exposición colectiva con Igers Guadalajara, grite como loco y fue una excelente experiencia.

No tengo un estilo preferido en la fotografía, porque siempre experimento tomando fotos a mascotas, cielo, arquitectura, macros, comida y cualquier cosa que se ponga frente al lente. Creo que la fotografía es una buena forma de expresarnos y compartir detalles del día a día y por qué no experimentar un poco con la creatividad.

Website // Instagram // Flickr // Email


Adriana Guerra

Adriana Guerra has been a mobile photographer for two and a half years.  She is a member of Gang Family and Gang Family Mexico. Her photographs are recognized frequently with awards and mentions on Instagram. She has participated in collective exhibitions organized by Igers Mexico in Guadalajara, such as Mobility Expo and Bazart Expo. Her photos have been used by Tequila Cuervo in ad campaigns and packaging.

Adriana is a visual artist, mostly oil and acrylic paintings. She enjoys other artistic manifestations, especially travel photography in the United States and Europe.

Adriana Guerra es fotógrafa móvil desde hace dos años y medio, participa como miembro y moderadora de Gang Family México y ha sido reconocida con frecuentes menciones en Instagram. Ha formado parte de exposiciones colectivas organizadas por Igers Mexico en Guadalajara como Expo Movilidad y Expo Bazart. Conocida como @nanawarren_gf, sus fotos han sido parte de campañas de publicidad en espectaculares y empaques de Casa Cuervo, empresa Tequilera.
Adriana es pintora y sus obras principales son óleos y acrílicos. Disfruta otras manifestaciones artísticas y en especial la fotografía de viajes que ha hecho en USA y Europa.



Flor Lopez

Mobile photographer.

Promoting culture and tourism in Guadalajara.


Discovered her passion for photography through the lens of her cell phone and now devotes her time to the study, promotion and practice.

She has exhibited at MUMEDI (Mexican Museum of Design, México City), Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan, and some other places at Guadalajara.
Passionate about vodka, koi fish, rock, Mayan culture, sarcasm, pink elephants, beer, blue, sea, mimes and clowns.

Instagram // EyeEm // Email


Juan José López

I’m an architect and am 28 years old, I live in Guadalajara
Lover of music and film.
The love of photography began a few months ago thanks to Instagram, where I have been able to create, share and learn about photography.
Inspired by a minimalist style in general, exploiting the color, playing with the architecture and sky.
In three words: Less is More

Soy Arquitecto y tengo 28 años de edad, vivo en Guadalajara 

Amante de la música y el cine.
El gusto por la fotografía comenzó hace algunos meses gracias a Instagram, en donde he podido crear, compartir y aprender sobre fotografía.
Inspirado generalmente por un estilo minimalista, explotando el color, jugando con la arquitectura y el cielo.
En tres palabras: Menos es Más

Instagram // twitter // Email

“Lonely Boy” 


Alex Mange

I have lived life through my eyes before all other senses.  I always escape reality by creating other worlds with the help of painting and photography.

The first time I took a photo with a mobile device, my sense of reality changed again as it happened some time ago with painting and analog photography.  Now everything has gotten faster and everywhere I stand I feel more awake, because every place and space has a story to tell.



Héctor Navarro

From 2011 to this day, my mobile has expanded the capacity of my eyes. It allows me to capture, classify and share all of the everyday moments and details that grab my attention. I use diverse themes, ideas, techniques, styles and sometimes even experimentation in the attempt to find new expressive languages.

I never thought that this personal means to collect images would turn into instant connected situations. Sometimes, the visual aspect to this activity is relegated to the background for it is the experiences, moments and preferences shared with thousands of people that becomes most important. Thus, creative and professional relations, friendships, and a new starting point towards countless opportunities have emerged for me.

I am passionate about the combination of technology, social networks, photo, arts, friendship, constant learning, and the outcome of something conceived in the virtual world and existing in the real one.

All I can say is that I found a platform for self-expression, growth, sharing, creating and dreaming about new ideas that lead, little by little, to a better place to live in. A platform that makes me feel satisfied about every single detail of life while meeting extraordinary people.

Desde el 2011 mi dispositivo móvil se convirtió en una extensión de mis ojos para capturar los detalles y momentos que llaman mi atención en un día cualquiera, clasificarlas y compartirlas de diversas formas con temas, ideas, técnicas, estilos y en algunos casos con la oportunidad de experimentar con ellas para tratar de encontrar nuevos lenguajes de expresión.

Nunca imaginé cómo se transformaría esta forma personal de recolección visual a situaciones hyper contectadas al instante, donde en algunos casos la importancia de la imagen pasa a un segundo plano para dar relevancia a las experiencias , momentos y gustos entre miles de personas generandose relaciones creativas y profesionales , amistades y un punto de partida nuevo a infinitas posibilidades.

Me emociona la mezcla de tecnología, redes sociales , fotografía, artes, amistades, aprendizaje continuo y lo que el resultado de todo esto puede llegar naciendo de mundos virtuales al mundo real.
Simplemente puedo resumir que encontré una plataforma para expresar, compartir, crecer, construir y seguir soñando con ideas que poco a poco van creando un mejor lugar donde vivir con satisfacción en cada mínimo detalle de nuestras vidas encontrándote en el camino a personas maravillosas.

Website // EyeEm // Instagram // We Are Juxt


Paco Navarro 

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1976.
Started shooting with an old Minolta camera back in 1989.
In 2005 co-founded Oh!estudio with photographer Jose Luis Hernández.
From 2006 to 2013 was an Executive Producer for an animation and vfx company in Mexico.
In 2013 he got back into the photography business, specializing in portraiture and as a Getty Images editorial collaborator.

Website // about.me // Facebook // twitter // Instagram // EyeEm // Flickr // Email

Iszrael Padilla

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1994.

When I bought the iPhone in 2009, I started to do casual photography.

In 2012, I met a few Instagramers.  That meeting started my addiction to mobile photography.

I constantly try new ways to edit my photos and have found new ideas in making abstract works.

Website // Instagram // twitter // Email


René Valencia

Occupation: Publisher

I’ve had a great interest in photography since childhood. I was fascinated by the amount of Life magazines collected by my parents, basically for its spectacular images.

When I started working as a journalist and publisher I rediscovered the aesthetic value of photojournalism.

After failed attempts with an SLR in the 90s, my life changed when I bought an iPhone in late 2010. Gradually I discovered Instagram, the usefulness of the filters, labels, groups, other social networks and finally I began to experiment with editing applications and to be interested in the technical aspects of photography as art.

Working in the city center has given me the opportunity to develop a taste for street photography and start, along with others like me, to portray the soul of a city that resides on its habitants.

Ocupación: Editor

He tenido un gran interés en la fotografía desde la infancia. Me fascinaban los ejemplares de la revista Life que coleccionaban mis padres, fundamentalmente por sus imágenes espectaculares. Posteriormente, en mi trabajo como periodista y editor redescubrí el valor estético del fotoperiodismo.  

Después de varios intentos fallidos con una SLR de los años 90, mi vida cambió cuando me compré un iPhone a finales del 2010. Poco a poco fue descubriendo Instagram, la utilidad de los filtros, etiquetas, grupos, otras redes sociales y finalmente comencé a experimentar con aplicaciones de edición y a interesarme en los aspectos técnicos de la fotografía como arte.

Mi trabajo en el centro de la ciudad me dio la oportunidad de desarrollar el gusto por la fotografía de la calle, y empezar junto con otros como yo, a retratar el alma de una ciudad que son sus habitantes.

Instagram // EyeEm // iphoneart // AMPt // Flickr // twitter // Pinterest


We are so grateful with all the people involved in this project. First we want to thank to Luis Guillermo Navarro as the director and editor of this video , Music Pumcayó group and the Ministry of Culture in Guadalajara, specially to Lic, Ricardo Duarte.

Estamos muy agradecidos con todas las personas involucradas en este proyecto. Primeramente queremos dar las gracias a Luis Guillermo Navarro como director y editor en la realización de eete video, Música por la agrupación Pumcayó  y a la Secreataría de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara, en especial al Secretario de Cultura Lic. Ricardo Duarte.

Take Us To Johannesburg

Take Us To… ” is an ongoing travel series around the world which features several photographers in a given location. The goal is to give you an inside look as to what the city is like day by day.

Today we fly non-stop to Johannesburg aka Jozi, the largest city in South Africa.

Flight #4 features Alessio, Gareth, Levon, Ofentse, Paula and Roy… 5 of the most phenomenal Jozi photographers!

I’d like to thank Gareth for spearheading this project, without him this would not have been possible.  So, thank you for investing your time and effort in putting this together.  Your vision and talent is beyond AMAZING!

Take us to Jozi with @igersJozi & @wearejuxt from Gareth Pon on Vimeo.


Meet The Photographers


Alessio La Ruffa

Alessio La Ruffa is a freelance social media and WordPress consultant by day.

Born and raised in Pretoria, he has always been on the creative side, but never found a creative outlet that resonated with him. Once he attended his first Instameet, that all changed.

Whenever he has the time, he is off to Johannesburg to discover the inner city with fellow mobile photographers.

Instagram has opened Alessio’s eyes to the world, allowing him to see the ordinary differently, and seeing things that others usually miss.

Instagram // twitter

“JoBurg City Streets” 


Gareth Pon

I shoot things and turn them into pixels.
• Dreamer • Movie Maker • Stills Taker •

Founder of Instagramers South Africa
Goal:  Instagram From Space

My name is Gareth Pon,
I shoot things and turn them into pixels.
I am a dreamer, film maker, photo shooter and instagramer.
I have lived in Johannesburg, South Africa my whole life and I believe that everyone should have at least one ridiculous dream that they believe can become a reality. One of my ridiculous dreams is to go to space.
I love movie making and have a slightly obvious obsession with shooting beautiful footage.
I capture moments in photos, my favourite thing to shoot are portraits.
I also love Instagram, so much that I founded the Official Instagramers South Africa Community in February of 2013.
My favourite colour is yellow and I love cling peaches and mangoes.
I <3 all things creative.

Instagram // twitter // Facebook // Blog

about.me // vimeo // flickr // tumblr

Pinterest // Behance

Website (currently rebranding)

“#Puddlegram Reflections”


Levon Lock

you blink a few million times and you’re dead | manager of instagramers jozi | iPhone 4s only | south africa

I’m Levon Lock. I live in the sweet city of Jozi, and I love everything creative: From taking photos to writing and recording music, and pretty much everything in between. I have always been interested in photography and used to play around on my Dad’s old SLR when I was a child.

It wasn’t until I got an iPhone that I really fell in love with pictures. The ability to capture something and portray it as how I initially saw it is an incredible feeling.

I like to make ordinary things that people see everyday look epic.

Website // Email //  twitter // Instagram

“Jozi From The Bridge”


Ofentse Mwase

I’m Ofentse Mwase from Johannesburg, South Africa and I’m a Filmmaker. I’ve been in love with cameras for over 7 years now and I’ve been loving Cinematography ever since.

It all started for me when my oldest brother bought himself a Sony PD170 to shoot music videos with back on 2003, and passed it down to me in late 2005. I shot so much with that camera but it just wasn’t enough for me.

Decided to go to film school in late 2007 and that’s where my love for images was taken to another level. Went and studied Cinematography at AFDA Johannesburg where I got to learn most Theory about lighting and composition. Since then I’ve grown to know so much about pictures and picture taking.

This love for images grew even more when I joined Instagram, this was something I never knew would be so big in my life. Through Instagram I’ve come to know the world around me so much more as every place I’m at, I try to see the best angle to shoot whatever subject is in front of me. This has now grown into a passion, all this inspired by all the great people of the community which I interact with daily. This is one journey that I’ve truly been enjoying, as it’s a great journey of creativity as well as thinking outside the box.

My most favorite time to shoot is Golden Hour, the world truly comes alive around that time and that’s when I can truly express myself when it comes to imagery. I am completely in love with the way the sun bounces off objects and the intensity and beautiful colour of which it does. Hoping that I’ll always be able to capture great moments during sunset to share with everyone in the world. Here’s to more journeys and awesome adventures in Picture taking and making friends.

Website // Instagram //  500px // twitter 

“Super Ree sitting on a Cloud”

Definitely my most favorite picture ever. How I get to spend time with my 1 year old son and his mother who always help me out with my pictures.



Hi, I’m Paula, and I’m a mobile photography addict! Haha!!!

Born and bred in Durban, SA; currently residing in Jozi with my beautiful hubby and two gorgeous step daughters and grateful for this newfound photography passion!

I would love to say that I have a particular style of photography but I can’t! All I do know is that I love playing with different subjects; creating moods by editing with graphics, apps and filters and generally meandering where ever my mind journeys….

This could range anywhere from the ordinary to the quirky; sometimes serious, but mostly playful!

Being part of the IG community is awesome! I have connected with incredibly real, raw, talented people from all over the world and continue to be in awe of the talent out there.

I am honoured to be a guest contributor with Mobile Artistry  and love finding unique and interesting talent that need to be seen!!!

My background and achievements to date cry creative – being involved with the advertising industry for the most part and now currently as a makeup artist.

I have also been made an Ambassador for SA on EyeEm and can’t wait to show the community more about our beautiful country.

I love living in Jozi! It inspires. It is energizing. It is hectic and soulful all at once. Besides, we have Madiba as a historical icon…. say no more!!!

So…. back to that beautiful hubby of mine…. he inspired my photographic historical perspective of buildings in the inner city. His company develops and restores heritage buildings like Stuttafords and Atkinson into affordable rental housing, keeping the facade of history as true as possible and at the same time creating a lifestyle for those less fortunate.

Hope you enjoy! And looking forward to meeting you! PaulaRoo

Email // Instagram // twitter // EyeEm // Kik: paularoo

“Dreaming on the Cliffs of Moher”
I chose this image as my favourite just because it’s most current and because I have not played with editing for a while.

We have also just returned from a magical trip to Ireland and this was a moment of our holiday I never want to forget….. dreaming of returning soon!!!


Roy Potterill

Man about town. Making it happen since 1982. Johannesburg. 1/2 of Mobile Media Mob

A longtime fixture of the Joburg creative community, Roy has always had an eye for opportunity and a talent for making things happen.

Having got his hands dirty in everything from textiles to tattoo shops, his current passions for photography, technology and emerging markets have seen him rise to fame as an Mobile Photographer, bringing both international exhibition and critical acclaim.

Currently the co-founder and creative wizz at Mobile Media Mob – a visual based mobile content agency, Roy spends his days giving brands a piece of his ever-resourceful mind.

Instagram // Email // Website // tumblr // Mobile Media Mob // twitter

“Wild In The Streets”


UW Huskies Retake Montlake

On Saturday, August 31st, the UW Huskies returned home to face the Boise State Broncos since renovations to Husky Stadium began in November 2011.  During 2012, the UW Huskies had temporarily called CenturyLink Field their home, playing on the same turf as the Seattle Seahawks for the entire season.

So, for the last year, everyone has eagerly awaited the reopening of the new stadium, counting down the days to Retake Montlake!

Image by RJ 


The unveiling of the new Husky Stadium for the UW vs Boise State game, came with no disappointments.  It’s an inviting stadium for Husky students, alums, and supporters. All of the renovations; from the removal of the track to bring fans closer to the action, suites and club seating are all great but the most impressive part of the stadium for me – a WSU Cougar Alum – is the west side of the stadium.  The Dawg Pound – student section – was loud and proud and their football team did not fail to give them a great football game.  The stadium is real nice and I’m sure any and all Huskies would be real proud to call it home.  The football team led by Keith Price made sure that their home, their new home, will be a feared place to play.  As a die hard football fan I couldn’t wait to get on the field as I longed to feel the anxiety and rush that came with the territory.  The Dawgs had ONE thing in mind and that was to WIN their 1st game at home!  Brad Puet


Instagramers Seattle and We Are Juxt also returned to the field to capture the excitement and anticipation of the season’s first game.

Just like last year, local photographers will be given the chance to cover the UW Huskies games here at home.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that has been possible because of our mobile phones and community leadership.  All the photos that you see from here on end are taken (and edited) with a smartphone only.

Image by Victoria


Timing is key to capturing those fleeting moments.  Not only is it important to be a great photographer but it is also important to be able to catch the action – whether it be a game winning play or an act of frustration.  With every game we get better and just like the players, we get faster and smarter.

As an avid football fan, my goal is to try to connect the technicalities of the game with me actually being on the field.  What I’m trying to say is that watching a game on TV is so much different than actually being on the playing field.  Players, referees, cheerleaders, cameramen et al are there, up close and personal.  There’s a lot going on and it takes concentration to try and figure out the next move. Believe me when I say we’re on our toes and constantly on the go – it’s the best adrenaline rush ever!

Image by Bridgette S.


I wasn’t prepared for this game.  

I shot two games last season at Century Link and was fully aware of how crazy the UW crowd could get for big games and big moments.  With the advent of the new Husky Stadium at hand, I wanted to fully focus on the fans engaged with the game and the team.

What I wasn’t ready for was how potent the UW offense was going to be.  They moved at a break-neck pace, never huddling during their possessions.  In the fourth quarter, the Huskies were moving the ball down the field and fast.  I was taking pictures behind the Dawg Pack when I realized that they were now inside Boise State’s 25 yard line.  I started sprinting down the steps to get closer to the field to get action and reaction shots, should they score.  I made it halfway down the stairs when Bishop Sankey punched it in for a touchdown.

This is going to be a crazy season, having to be aware of what the team is doing on the field and what the fans are doing in reaction to them.  The next game I cover, I’ll be ready for all of it. – RJ 


The fans were loud and they were pumped!  I can still hear everyone, all 70,000+, scream at the top of their lungs, making sure everyone knew WHO’S HOUSE was back in action!  The sounds of the orchestra still ring in my ears too, it all remains so unforgettable.

Image by Brad Puet


Image by Bridgette S.


Image by Victoria 


Image by RJ


The PAC-12 looked right at home with millions of viewers watching nationwide.  But the pressure didn’t shake the UW Huskies as they went on to beat the Broncos 38-6.  As you can imagine, the crowd went wild with every play and the early state of nervousness became an all around thrill ride for Dawg fans both present and afar.

It was a remarkable game and we can’t wait to see what the Huskies have in store for the next game vs Illinois.  We are confident that they will continue to play with the same heart and soul.

Image by Bridgette S.


Image by RJ


Image by Brad Puet


I’d like to thank Daniel Hour and UW Athletics for inviting us to cover the home games.  We are truly appreciative of the opportunity and are proud to represent the Huskies.  Rest assured that we will do our very best to capture as much as we can so we can relive the moment and enjoy it for years to come.  After all that’s what photography is all about : )

More images can be found on We Are Juxt UW.

Thank you for inviting us to shoot for last nights game, it was nothing short of magical – Victoria


Image by Brad Puet


Images by Bridgette S.


Image by RJ


Images by Victoria


Follow the above photographers on Twitter

Brad Puet// Bridgette S. // RJ // Victoria 

Click on Go Huskies to read previous articles.

[VIDEO] Seattle Party Camp: Bringing Smiles To Kids

On Saturday, August 17th, Seattle Party Camp sought to set the record for the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight.  With close to 5,000 attendees, Seattle did not beat the current Guinness World Record but did raise $55,000 to benefit Camp Korey.

Located in Carnation, WA, their “mission is to honor the courage, strength, and determination of children living with serious and life-altering medical conditions and their families; and to provide them with a safe, friendly, medically sound environment in which to simply have fun and be kids”.

It was an incredible experience being part of this project to say the least. Our team is filled with driven individuals who still believe having fun and being yourself are the keys to success. Seattle came together for this one. Seeing the thousands of smiling faces for the 9 minutes of the water balloon fight was truly the most beautiful site I have ever seen. It reminded me that we are here for each other and that raising $55,000 for a worthy cause can be done over a few thousand water balloons!
Remember everything is possible.
Until next time,

The Party Camp Intern
Kelci Zile

If you’d like to learn more about Seattle Party Camp and help them reach their goal of $75,000 to send 35-40 children from Children’s Hospital to Camp Korey please see their Facebook page or donate by clicking here.


“Keep Closed” by Luke  


“Making It Official” by Bridgette S. 


“Back in the Day” 

Image by JJ Clark & Edited by Jen Mo


Image by Tracy 


Performances by Brothers From Another and Luc & the Lovingtons.

Image by JJ Clark 


People were dressed for the occasion and ready to take on their rivals.  Everyone was pumped!

“La Luchadora” by Scott Brown


“Verified” by JJ Clark


It all happened in a matter of seconds but it was well worth the wait!

“Fun, chaos and overall abundance of water” by Scott


Instagramers Seattle and We Are Juxt would like to thank Seattle Party Camp for the opportunity and we hope you’ll have us next time around!

More images can be seen here.

Seattle #PartyCamp Challenge

Seattle, WA: We are 8 days away from breaking the record for the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight!  Are you ready?!

This past winter we broke the Guinness World Record for the Biggest Snow Ball Fight and this summer we are gearing up to break the record for the Largest Water Balloon Fight!  That’s right – it’s going to be wet and wild!

Instagramers Seattle and We Are Juxt are partnering to bring you the latest from Party Camp. This week’s challenge will be extended until the event date – Saturday, August 17th – so be sure to check out the details at the end of this post.

Read more about it…

Theme: #PartyCamp- Post anything that describes Party Camp or use the # in the photo (Lakes, water balloons, hiking, rock climbing, sun bathing, dancing etc)
Date:  Friday August 9th- through the end of the event on the 17th.
There will be one winner that receives a case of Sparkling ICE and 2 free tickets announced on Thursday and the grand prize winner will receive a Skype call with the Party Camp crew or Party Camp Swag bag (assorted shirts, glasses, etc) announced Sunday morning after the event.
To enter tag your photos #PartyCamp. Seattle Party Camp prefers that entries are directed to our Facebook, Twitter and Instgram, although all photos tagged with #PartyCamp will be accepted.
Open to all residents.

They’ve done it before! This driven group of professionals who never quite grew up aren’t stopping with the world’s largest snow ball fight. They are back again. This time they are armed with 300,000 water balloons and need 12,000 troops. Party Camp, August 17th at the Seattle Center will be summer camp experience like none other. This time they shooting for the Guinness world record for the largest water balloon fight. Red Hook Brewery beer gardens, camp games, live music and much more await you. Come be part of the magic. Register at Seattle Party Camp.

Twitter // Facebook


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