1000 Words Flickr Showcase 73

the winter left behind, the spring well settled and while we are waiting for the summer to step in, we really don’t have any valid excuses to not to go out and observe life unfolding in front of our eyes! And yet, I just wanted to take a few minutes to look back at those cold months, which have finally gone, it’s more of a Mea Culpa for slowing down in those months and telling myself that it was too cold or too rainy or too foggy or just too… Forgive me father, for I have sinned, I have sinned of inventing excuses and not going out to photograph during this winter. Forgive me father, for I have been lazy and lost incredible opportunities, opportunities that these great artists below have actually managed to catch by being in the right place at the right time! So, this is just a lesson for me that teaches me one simple thing, which is that every season has it’s hidden beauty and that we are the one that don’t want to see it… Thank you for teaching me this!

With Love,


Nostalgia by Mohsen Chinehkesh

One of the things that makes street photography so fascinating for me is the fact that it’s like an unpredictable journey. In any moment there’s a chance to face an unexpected appealing situation or subject and, needless to say, with an iPhone you have no excuse to miss it. This photograph comes from such a moment. I was walking back home when I suddenly noticed a guy with a literally old-fashioned look. Tight suit, chapeau hat, long boot-like sideburns, mustache, etc. Such an outfit which remembers Iranian of the years before 1970’s (or 1360’s in Persian calendar) has a nostalgic impact on most of them. For me he was almost like a time traveler! I looked around to find a suitable place in his direction and there was an old brick building right next to a large modern shopping center. I stopped by the building and the guy reached the scene simultaneously with a woman wearing a black Chador which somehow completes the nostalgia. Definitely this photograph has some exclusive significations for Iranian but no one can blame others for what they see in any picture!

I took the photograph with Hipstamatic Classic (John S + AO BW) and then re-edited it with Oggl (Foxy + Uchitel 20) to reach a more vintage look.

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Winter Sun by Lee Atwell

The weather has been unusually sunny this winter in the Pacific Northwest which has provided unusual opportunities to capture urban shadows. Normally our short winter days are filled with clouds and rain and it can be difficult to feel inspired to take photos. However, on this particular day, after walking across a pedestrian bridge that crosses a railroad track, I was struck by the looming shapes of the shadows cast by the people coming towards the bridge.

I used the Hipstamatic app with the Tinto 1884 Lens and BlacKeys SuperGrain Film with Flash Off


 Soho by Robin Pope

The image was taken in Soho and been meaning to use this wall as a backdrop for some time and this person in the photo seemed to work well. I used the iPhone camera to take the photo and processed through Snapseed and Noir.


Untitled – Iris River

I wanted to capture the closeness of the community and families who came downtown on a very cold New Years eve to celebrate the festivities together.

App used: Snapseed


 Hazy Shade Of WInter by Sheldon Serkin

We’ve had a lot of opportunities to shoot in snowy/rainy conditions in NYC this winter, with what seems like one storm after another hitting the city. I captured this image shooting through a car window on one of those snowy days, as two New Yorkers trudged their way to work. Shot with oggl, processed with the Diego lens and Uchitel 20 film.

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1000 Words Flickr Showcase 73

1000 Words Flickr Showcase by Dilshad


There is a first for everything. My first today is to like and choose a cat. An amazing collection with a main theme of mystery with a hint of gothic taste. I’ll keep it short today, because I want you to enjoy more the wonderful photos for this amazing showcase. Thank you to all the great artists here for their support! – D.C.

Molly The Cat by David Denagel

It is a portrayal of Molly, my cat, awakening from her sleep.  I wanted an image of her essence as a cat, and for me, that is summed up in cat’s eyes.  The photo was taken a close range and hand held. Only a room lamp provided the lighting and Molly was in her favorite chair.  I used an iPhone5 and only Hipstamatic.  The combo was Tinto 1884, Robusta film and Jolly Rainbo 2x flash. (The Hipstamatic “flash”, in this case, did not provide any external light but added an additional darkening filter to the image.)  I felt this processing would give a dreamy and moody coloration to the image, deemphasizing hard lines, while drawing a dark vignette around much of her head.  This treatment produced a quality of both mystery and some menace (characteristics of many felines, even the most sweet like Molly.)  David DeNagel @dcd49 on Oggl


A Bitter Medicine by Dale Smith

INSPIRATION: I have always been inspired by literature and imagery from the Victorian era… it was a time of great change. The world was on the cusp of mass modernisation and I consider that time to be a juxtaposition of darkness and light. Darkness and light fascinate me… I hoped to convey a little of that mystery in the image.

STORY: The subject of the image is my daughter and last year we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. She dressed in an appropriate gown and we used several props in order to convey a sense of mystery… tell an open-ended story…

I wanted to give a “Gothic” feel to the image, yet also make it seem timeless. Therefore, the story could be from any era. I also wanted the viewer to question what was being illustrated. Has the girl taken medicine? Is it medicine or poison? The “close” aspect of the image… waist height… was deliberate as I hoped that the viewer may experience a certain proximity to the figure. As if she had administered the bottle to they themselves…

PROCESS: The original image was shot using an app called CCV… I prefer this app because it is a very simple camera replacement app yet very powerful, and it captures images in TIFF format meaning that I can go back to them without loss of quality.

I converted the image to black and white in Snapspeed, cropped, and applied the center focus and grunge filters, experimenting to get the desired effect. A good way to apply the grunge filter in Snapspeed is to choose a particular filter then dial the effect down to zero… this can give a dreamlike quality to an image.

Finally I imported the image into Oggl, where I have it the “Tinto” effect…

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Siouxsie Petals by Cindy Buske

This shot was inspired by my daughter, Aymber. We were shooting images for fun, and she stepped away for a bit, returning with this elaborate make-up job and costume. She created the look on her own, but when I saw her, the first thing I thought of was singer Siouxsie Sioux!  Aymber had never even heard of Siouxsie, so we looked her up together.  I had Aymber pose with the rose petals of various colors and sheer tulle fabric simply because I had them available.  We used a black backdrop and soft studio lights.  I often work with my two daughters as artistic collaborators and photo models.

The image was shot on Hipstamatic-Oggl , G2 lens + Kodot XGrizzled film.  No post-image processing was done.

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Her Ghost by Divine

My friend I just saw your comment and yes ill send you the pic and how ive made it … please forgive me for the late reply ..i hope that you still have time for the showcase to use my image called ” her ghost” what inspires the photo are all those chaotic thoughts all that need to see our selves escape from our own body … I opened the app filtrstormPRO to blend the two portraits and adjust the contrast and curves .. Make it black and white in the same app then I opened the image with artrage to paint and give this effect to the photo.

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Wet Wet Wet by Rob Pearson Wright

London is wet at the moment. Not as wet as the UK as a whole but still pretty soggy. Many parts of the country are doing a fairly accurate impression of the film ‘Waterworld’. The Thames Barrier is working overtime to protect the capital from a similar fate. I live in a basement and fully support their actions.

I love the Southbank, an area of London full of culture, brutalist architecture and people. On a day with a brief respite from the seemingly constant rain and wind, I took a walk along that area of the River Thames. Some of the characters seemed to be missing that day, perhaps perturbed by the threat of more bad weather.

As I passed the people, theatres and galleries, I found a spot alongside the river which seemed to sum up London’s mood at that particular moment. Battered by storms, sick of the cold and damp, and longing for Spring to turn up with some sunshine. How do you capture that in an image?

Well…you wander into a massive puddle, crouch down while your shoes get soaked and take the shot you envisaged. Apart from a child splashing through the shot with a parent’s apology everything was as smooth as a well conditioned cat.

The reflection was what drew me to the shot and the moodiness of the clouds, which seemed to threaten further rain. No one would sit on that bench that day. It would be isolated by the water around it and an air of loneliness would linger.

It took the shot with the native iPhone camera and ran it through Snapseed to tighten up some of the details. Then I used Mextures for some grit and scratches. Finally I used Noir for a vignette effect and to emphasise the stormy menace lurking in the clouds.


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On the Street with Maktub Street-Dog

On the Streets with Maktub Street-Dog by Dilshad C.

His name is Sacha Dohmen aka maktub street-dog, and he is 36 years old. Sacha lives with his beautiful wife in Belgium in a very rural area in the middle of nowhere between Liège (Belgium), Maastricht (Holland) and Aachen (Germany). “I´m a self taught amateur photographer” as he likes to point out. His work has been featured on P1xels, Mobiography, the Appwhisperer, Mortal Muses and IPhoneography.com, IPhoneography Central, in the first issue of IPhotographer magazine and in the second issue of MobFiction Magazine. He also has got an honourable mention at the Mobile Photo Awards and made the shortlist with 2 of his images on the last IPA quarterly. His work has been exhibited in Prague at the Gallery Kvalitár and in Holešov at the New Drive Club. He is co-organizer of the second Belgian International IPhoneography Art Movement exhibition in Brussels this year. I came across his work sometime ago now, and fall in love with Sacha’s photography straight away! We have spoken many a time and I consider him a friend and a person that I respect, so, to be able to interview him it’s only a great honour, for he is a true source of inspiration for me!

You talkin´to me.

 DC. When I look at your work I truly feel as if I knew what you are feeling, I can see you roaming the streets and trying to catch what other people don’t see! We both have been inspired by the same people or style, so talking to you now gives me only great pleasure! And I thank you for accepting my offer! Before we get into the nitty gritty of this conversation, can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Why maktub street-dog?

M S-D. It´s a pleasure for me. Why maktub street-dog? When I start doing street photography, I did not want to publish under my real name. Street photography is not really legal in Europe. So I needed a pseudonym. Maktub is an Arabic word and literally means: “it is written”. Street-dog from the German “Straßenköter” which mean stray dogs.

Arise And Shine In Necro-City

 DC. Your heart, quite similar to mines, is dedicated to street photography, or specifically to catch peculiar and particular faces and expression or people that, most of the time, are left alone by the general crowd. What is street photography for you?

M S-D. For me, street photography is not a genre of photography. It´s a lifestyle, street photography is the time you can give yourself to watch, observe and understand the people around you. It has changed my life so sudden and with unexpected result, my life took a new direction. I’m more attentive about the people and situation around me and I found an activity that allows me to express myself. I capture a fraction of life and later, build my own storyboard for this person. All I need is a street and my camera to make something extraordinary out of the banal, to create a social drama, to awake emotions.

My motivation to document life and take street shots is to capture and awake emotions. Photography is all about emotions. Street photography is also a social study and a mission; you show the world what life is like.

Dead End Friends

M S-D. Yeah, that is the extraordinary about street photography. You can talk about everything, love, pain, solitude, anger… My camera is a mirror that I tend to the society. It´s not enough to go out and press the shutter, you must have a genuine interest for people and their life.

The Tombstone Blues

 DC. With me, probably because I am pleasurably inspired by Koci, it’s all about people with hats too, but I love them to wear a heavy beard, or to have their faces lived, wrinkled, old… used and abused, I want to see someone that everyone else tries to walk away from, or no one pays attention to, that’s what takes my attention, what is your trigger?

M S-D. I feel like you. Nowadays the world is getting smaller and smaller and people are tending to look more alike. I´m always on the search for people with a certain individuality, in the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they look…

Down So Low

DC. Each time I see one of your photos I am overwhelmed by the capture, their expressions are jaw droopingly good! How do you manage to catch that moment?  Who are these people?

M S-D. Cartier-Bresson called it the decisive moment. Well, in my case I would call it luck. I’m lucky to be at the right moment at the right place and pull the trigger at the right time. In candid street portraiture you have only one chance and this opportunity will only take a fraction of a second. The only thing you can do if you’re fast enough is to shoot twice; the killer in the film shoots always twice. Street Photography is like a game, you get lucky or you get nothing.

Insomnia And the Hole in the Universe

 DC. The characters of your photos are those that I have been looking for all the time, I am truly boggled, how do you find them? Do you talk to them? Is there any one story that will always resonate in your mind?

M S-D. I don´t think when I shoot, I’m a walker, or like the French poet Baudelaire said a flâneur, and my camera is part of the walking. My eyes are always 10-20 feet ahead and search for something to catch. If I´m alone and found an interesting person, I can follow this person for a quarter hour, waiting for the right situation, before I show up out of the crowd like a shark to take my shot. I never talk to them, I´m too shy. As soon as I show up, I dive under again.

Evil Man, Don’t Play Your Games With Me

DC. There are, of course, many ways to do street photography, for me two resonate most. The first just walk around and shoot each time I see a character that tickles my senses! But with this I have one problem: the composition or the background might not be there as I wanted, hence I go into the heavy apping and blurring and scratching, which I also like as a style but it all started because I wanted to cover what I did not wanted to see and concentrate on my main character. The second is to find a location and patiently wait there as a fisherman waits for his catch: I have the story and I just need the protagonist, which hopefully will fall in my net… Where do you see yourself? How do you plan your day? I would love to know how you shoot?

M S-D. For me, the real originator of Street Photography is Garry Winogrand with his book “The Animals” and the streets as zoo. I never plan when I go out in the urban jungle and like Winogrand, I can walk down any street without taking photos. In 99% of cases I shoot from the hip, without thought on the background. I´m only interested on facial expressions, emotions… The background would only distract, regardless of the quality of my composition.  Only in a few of my shots like “Before I Die…” the background is more important or just as important as the protagonist.

Before I Die…

DC. Your editing style is wonderful, how much experimentation does that involve? Do you know exactly what do you want to achieve or sometime you are sitting there, scratching your head and thinking “I Love this one but also this and this, which one should I go for?”

M S-D. Thank you. I think the most important thing is to find one’s own style. Once we found the style, the rest comes from alone. I use primarily black & white, it´s the purest form of photography. As I said earlier, photography is all about emotions and I think black & white focuses the emotions better. Then I heavy blur the background. Black and white and the blur reduce my picture to its essential elements. My third step is to add scratches and texture, for this point, I´m very influenced by the music I listen while I work on the photo: dirtier the music, dirtier the edit. Bruce Gilden said “If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it´s a street photograph”. This is my workflow to make people smell the street.

 DC. You have a few on-going series, can you talk to me about these? The one with the 99 shades of crazy characters is my favourite! How did you come up with the idea?

M S-D. As I start with street photography 4 years ago, make series was a way for me to learn to see. I went out of the street with the purpose of only photographing bearded man, the next day only smokers, and so forth… After 4 years on the street I´m not sure if this is something that lets learn, but this little series help me a lot.

The idea after the “99 Shades Of Crazy” project is simple, find 99 extraordinary character that many would call crazy and thus show that there is no “normal” in our wonderful crazy world. In one or other sense, we are all crazy. That we are all different makes the world just interesting.

99 Shades Of Crazy (04)

 DC. Does having an on-going project help you? What would you say to some that maybe is struggling with its motivation?

M S-D. Yes for those who have a problem of motivation, a project is the perfect remedy. Starts a 365 project (1 image/day/year). Or the IPod shuffle project may be a good idea, I don´t know if it already exists, every morning you press the shuffle button and during the day you try to make a picture that has to do with the title.

Personally, I think this kind of project does not help me. The first reason is that if I’m too focus on something, I miss other occasion. The second reason is that if I force myself to post a photo every day, I will publish photos that I regret later.

99 Shades Of Crazy 01

 DC. Do you get stuck? Do you sometime doubt what you are doing? If yes, how you come out, what is that one thing that inspires you?

M S-D. Street Photography is an art that nobody wants to hang in his living room. Of course I doubt from time to time. But like Robert De Niro says in Heat “I do what I do best” and I don´t know how to do anything else.

 DC. Out of all the photos you have taken, which one are the three that you really are in love with? And why, what is the story behind?

M S-D. My favourite picture is definitively “It´s Coming Down”, a simple street portrait. I always want to take pictures that stimulate the imagination of the viewer and I´m not really a fan of a picture saying, “this is what it is”. I think this works very well in this picture. The story of this picture is really simple. Non-scheduled I take the bus to Aachen, the next town near my village. When I get off of the bus, I start directly to shoot. After two minutes, I realize that I forgot my bag in the bus. Damn, my IPad, my papers, my money, and my keys… A non-stop one-kilometre sprint to the central station, but the bus was gone. After a lot of discussion and phone calls, a driver told me my bag was found and that I should wait until the bus come back. Always worry if everything was still in it, I was there when this woman came studying the timetable. I knew immediately this is my picture of the day.

It´s Coming Down

“Just You And Me” This is a shot from a trip to Maastricht Holland. One of the rules in street photography is be invisible and adapt yourself to the environment. When I left my house in Belgium three hours earlier, the weather was just awful so I dressed me accordingly. My thickest Barbour Jacket, leather boots, a hat… That and over 1 meter 90 tall is all you need to be discovered if the local weather conditions are not the same. Impossible to photograph unrecognized. So I have to rethink my options.  For this shot I saw this guy take a cigarette and instead to stand still and to photograph him, I distracted him “can I have one too?” and while I went up to him I shoot from the hip.

Just You And Me

“Got To Find A Better Way” The first thing I noticed when I saw her, was with what dignity she wears her age. There was nothing to do with the sad, the miserable and pathetic of most of my street shots. Full of vitality, she looks just great, and for sure, a lot of young lady´s would love to be like her when their get old.

Got To Find A Better Way

DC. Flickr is your home, and you have been incredibly popular in there, what’s the secret behind this? On the other hand, it seems that Instagram is somewhere that you don’t really post, why?

M S-D. Ok, let´s start with Instagram. The main reason why I´m not active on Instagram are all the, follow me, follow me and “a like for a like” type of people. Naturally, every time I have a picture in the “Flickr Explore” twenty people added me to their favourites. The difference is that these people don´t harassed me. Why I am so successful at Flickr?

I think the secret is to just follow the work of someone we admire. I have roughly 200 contacts that I follow on Flickr. Some four years. Among others Richard Koci Hernandez or John Fullard whose work I admired for years, they still have never comment or fav on one of my photos. It’s all the same to me. I prefer people who do not like what I did and ignore me that people who “likes” anything without looking.

DC. Where can we find you? And if someone would like to learn how to edit with your style, what should they do? Do you have some tutorials around that we can check out?

I just start my own website and blog about street photography

The aim is to give tip and tricks about street photography and feature photographers I admire. If you are interested?

DC. Thank you, is this an offer? (Happily Smiles).

M S-D. MOB Fiction Magazine just published in their second issue one of my tutorials. The complete issue is about street photography and worth every cent. Otherwise you can find me on Flickr and Facebook

DC. Would you like to add anything that I have missed?

M S-D. I thank you from the bottom of my hearth for this opportunity, I noted that the questions were chosen carefully and with passion like all what you do.

DC. Again, thank you ever so much for your time and please don’t stop, for each time I see your photos I just want to go out and shoot!! You are one incredible person and I hope that I will have the honour to personally meet you and go out for walk!

The Secret Revealed – Behind the scene of “Henry, Portrait of a Cereal Killer” by the Amazing Cedric Blanchon

The Secret Revealed – Behind the scene of “Henry, Portrait of a Cereal Killer” by the Amazing Cedric Blanchon By Dilshad

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Cedric Blanchon! Not only I consider that interview one of my best, but also, I was honoured to better get to know Cedric, who, I can easily can say, is a true gentlemen with an unparalleled creativeness! During this interview I asked Cedric if he could have revealed to me some of his secrets and show me a how he manages to create his surreal pieces of work. Here, without much ado, A great tutorial by Cedric:

Henry, portrait of a cereal killer.

To make this picture, I take a picture with Camera+ using the timer. The staging is very important I put the head in cereals with milk for maximum results (photo 1)

Photo 1

Take your bowl of cereal, which I took it with pro camera (photo2)

Photo 2

I then open superimpose then load the background (photo 1) and the foreground (photo2) the result is in (photo 3)

Photo 3

After, set transparency for better juxtaposition  (photo 4 and 5)

Photo 4

And Photo 5

Pressed mask and choose the brush, decrease the size (choose the 20) and press the button soft (photo6)

Photo 6

Start clear and refined details, the goal is to have a perfect simulation (photo 7, 8)

Photo 7

And Photo 8

After saving it I open snapseed app and use the grunge effect, decrease thoroughly contrast and choose your style (photo 9)

Photo 9

Save your pic (photo 10)

Photo 10

Open vfxstudio (11)

Photo 11

Load your photo (12)

Photo 12

Choose fx and crack L effect (13 and 14)

Photo 13

And Photo 14

Superimpose your crack around your skull (15)

Photo 15

After you save it, open blender and load the photo 10 and then photo 15 ( photo 16)

Photo 16

Erase completely with the draw (17)

Photo 17

Then again repeat and choose another crack, but this time let reappear crack effect around the bowl of cereal (18 and 19)

Photo 18

And Photo 19

Your photo is ready (20)

Photo 20

After you can adjust the brightness and contrast and a little sharp. Hope you enjoyed it! Bye.

Thank you very much Cedric for this fab Tutorial!!!

Flickr 1000 Words Showcase 71

My dearest, welcome to yet another week of greatness. This time we have fallen for the artistic super effects, the master of editing and creating and super-imposing and the wizards of the FXing. These people know how to render the normal and the ordinary into extraordinary feasts for the eyes! Hidden deep within we can find powerful messages that are embedded in their work and this is truly one of the aspect of photography that I love. One image only suffice to tell a 1000 words’  story, so let us start looking and feeling and reading and be amazed at what we see!

A special thanks to all of you that are supporting me and for you encouragement, which I truly appreciate!



Malaysian Dancer by Tuba Korhan
Last month I came across to a group of Malaysian dancers in a mall. They are dancing in their traditional costumes to generate publicity for an airline company. After the show ended I asked one of them if she could pose for a couple of shots. She was very kind and accepted my request with a beautiful smile. In this portrait I tried to emphasize her beauty and warm smile. In order to get rid of the crowded background I decided to create a new one. The inspiration came from the artificial orchids on her hair. I used a few different orchid photos, which I had captured before. I edited the new background and her portrait separately, as if these were two different photos and then composed the images on Leonardo app. The other apps I used through my process is Snapseed, Facetune, Tangled, Autopainter and Pxlrexpress+.

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Picasso by Giancarlo Beltrame

This image is part of a new series that is taking me a lot in the beginning of 2014 – One, no, a hundred thousand – whose title was inspired by a novel by the Italian writer Luigi Pirandello. It takes some themes very dear to me: the presence and the memory of works of art that moved me a lot, the mask as the contemporary human condition, the eye as the seat of the look that leads to knowledge.

The title of artwork is ” Picasso “. It is a digital collage. The base is a self-portrait taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone in front of the famous painting by Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon ” at Moma in New York. From my library of shots I then recovered the lips, eyes (two different, one is mine and the other is a female), a flower transformed into a little and bizarre hat.

If the mask is an inner journey in meanders of my mind, the cubist painting by Picasso makes good of the multiplicity of forms of my psyche, which gathers together different aspects of the same personality.

All this work has been done by working with Superimpose. I then researched the color tone that I liked with PS Express and PhotoCopier

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Lifecycle 3 by Dani Salvadori

Taken in Hipstamatic. Lens: Americana,  Film: Robusta, Flash: Redeye Gel. Slight sharpening in Filterstorm Neue, slight touch up in Touch/Retouch

Story behind the image: My father died a few weeks ago after a long illness, coincidentally 2 days after I had finished a year long story-telling project on Backspaces. The two events have combined to almost paralyse my image-making; the only thing that seems to motivate me is chronicling the demise of the flowers I’ve been given since my father’s death. This image is from a bunch of tulips I received in early January. I love tulips because they start off straight-laced but end up wild. This one has a particularly fleshy intensity that is almost sexual; a last burst of life before the end.

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El primer Episode (The First Episode) by Ana Villanueva.

The red line between women and men as a sign that something may be wrong. What is the price to pay for not feeling lonely?

The story behind:

The “Family Mandates” Series speaks of all impositions we received since we were children. My intention is to express that happiness consists in doing what one feels independent from social mandates. Destroy preconceptions to live in freedom.

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The Cereal Killer by Cedric Blanchon

This photo is the sequel of my photo overconsumption, the same concept, object and food is mix with the human body, the first speak of overconsumption, this one is more surrealism I think, the title is a tribute to the movie Henry portrait of a serial killer, suicide with cereal, milk and cereals replaces blood and brains. I use superimpose, Snapseed, vfx studio, afterlight apps.

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(A fantastic complete step-by-step tutorial of this photo is going to be published very soon, so watch this space!)