Indie Tags: NYEKUNDU by Hector Navarro


My purpose here is to to discuss those creative and inspiring “Hashtags” (#) that in some way were fundamental in the early months of Instagram.  They became ways in which you could discover and meet amazing and talented people, sharing similar ideas and obsessions.

These were certainly fun days where at times I found myself trying to catch snapshots to fit into one of these topics.  Something I enjoyed was when a photo could belong to more than one of these hashtags. I think this didn’t have much to do with photography but the intention was to explore, share and enjoy.

INDIE TAGS –  born from the idea that they are very distinct labels and separate from all those that are popular and full with a lot of trash and spam.

I was able to co-create several Indie Tags.  They were created with great friends with two purposes: 1. have fun and 2. find people who share the same idea and similar tastes that caught our eyes.  These images could be shared in seconds with the aim of a thematic visual pleasure.

I hope you enjoy this hashtag and I will publish the other Indie Tags soon, with a specific showcase every time.


In the month of February we see plenty of red everywhere, so I’m starting with the tag #Nyekundu.

#Nyekundu was created on 23-09-2011 by Hans; there are currently 2190+photos in the gallery.

“Nyekundu – in my point of view – is about sharing the interest and mutual love of the color red. The color of life, passion, joy and love – red means so many different things to us. And that’s what’s so cool about it. It affects us differently. Nyekundu is about all of that—and the color red. I think the reason that I chose a Swahilian name for the tag was that it wouldn’t be too obvious. My idea was that it should stand apart from more obvious tags and make people wonder a bit. That, plus I think that Swahili is a cool language. Maybe I should add that I don’t speak Swahili at all.” – Hans

I remember having early discussions on whether there should be any rules for the tag, like there should be at least 50% red in the picture, but (thankfully) we never got there. It was just about having red in pictures, no matter how much.

The following 15 images are chosen by Hans, Suzanne and myself:

Photo by :  @thenadj

Photo by :  @artverso

Photo by :  @artpen

Photo by : @debralandis

Photo by : @Kenflik

Photo by : @norbertvannunen

Photo by : @momisonig

Photo by : @il_david

Photo by : @evhane

Photo by : @evhane

Photo by : @clarkey

Photo by :  @photoplatz

Photo by : @onuria

Photo by : @tato_62

Photo by : @ximoteo



I’m a proud, uncomplicated Northern Californian residing just a few miles north of San Francisco.  While I love to photograph people (and my pug Fergus), my images often showcase pieces of local landscape and all that I find to be naturally beautiful about the place I call home. But, that being said— I do not view my world with a single “lens” or represent it using a single photographic style; you’ll find  glitch art next to wet-plate processes and mobile photography alongside DSLR work in my portfolio. I enjoy curating the Nyekundu tag on Instagram with Hans and Hector, and am so pleased that the  collection has attracted the quality of “art celebrating red” that it has– we hope you’ll join us!

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A good picture is a good picture is a… Don’t ask me what a good picture is though. I can’t tell you. For me it’s all about a feeling. Whether it’s abstract, a nature scene, a smiling kid or a graphic image — you know a good picture when you see one. The image hits something that’s already within you.

I’m Hans. I’m working as something so poetic as a procurement consultant in the real-estate business and live in a southern suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. Mobile photography became real for me in late 2010. The simplicity to take a photo, the ability to edit it – wherever, whenever… My imagination has been running away with me ever since.

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Dreams Without Borders: A Charity Event

A Charity Event for FM4 Paso Libre organization
LARVA (Laboratorio de Artes Variedades) , Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
12.12.12 – 12.18.12

Organized and curated by Juxter Hector Navarro

Our Mission:  All images will sell them to raise funds for this organization, but also people can participate by dontating things they need (clothing – undergarments, jeans, shirts or money). We want minimun to raise $1400 USD.

All human beings deserve the best quality of life.  For some it is simple and for others, they may have to struggle and suffer to reach a dignified standard of living.

Art is a journey of exploration and evolution, and added to the technology and the new ways of interacting through social networks among people around the world, all this becomes a powerful tool for positive action for a common good.

From that came the name “DREAM Without Borders“, there should be NO barrier to having better conditions of life and spirit.

Many people go out  of their bubble to help others ease their situation in moments that become internal growth experiences and remain into memory as an example that everyone is equal.

Fm4 PASO LIBRE  helps migrants in transit passing through the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico seeking a better present and future. We Are Juxt members have donated some of their art and photographs to raise funds and thereby help this non-profit organization.

In addition will present in another room  a photo exhibition on the theme “Migration” organized by igersMexico together with UDG Radio Media, showing 18 photos convened to #Mexigers_migracion challenge  selected them by a guest judge.

It will screen a video of 3 students from TEC de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, LOS Nadie is a record of a collaborative project with 6 migrants who made clay figures to express their emotions through them.

To find out more about the work of this organization FM4, you can visit their website.

Some of the Photographs in the event:

Photo Credit: Fabs G

Photo Credit:  Fahmi R

Photo Credit:  Hector N

Photo Credit: Jen L P

Photo Credit: Leisa D

Photo Credit:  Sam S.

Presented by

We Are Juxt / igersMexico / Radio UDG Medios

Main Sponsors

Fotográfica Navarro ( ) / Viva_ “Cultura y Expresión Viva de Jalisco A.C.” /Anfora / LOB footwear

Media Sponsors

La Tentacion Gallery, Tijuana / La Caja Mágica ( Photography radio station) / Contrasentido ( online magazine) /

“Movilidad” A Mobile Photography Exhibit in Mexico


“Movilidad” #Mexigers_movilidad

A mobile photography exhibition

@igersMexico / @igersGuadalajara / and 5 other igers groups on Mexico / SITEUR Presentation

Date:  September, 7th. 2012

Location: Art Gallery Space at SITEUR (Electric Urban Train System) in Guadalajara, Jalisco México.

Description:  Inspired by the movement and mobility around us, @igersmexico and SITEUR (Electric Urban Train System ) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. , organized via instagram the #mexigers_movilidad challenge consisting of capturing through photography the subject of mobility in any of its expressions , giving priority to those photos taken with mobile device.

This challenge was open to the general public from July 16th to July 29th , 2012. During this time 2, 999 photos were submitted to the #mexigers_movilidad challenge tag and
150 photos will be selected by 3 judges , all of them professional photographers , Mito Covarrubias , Sergio Garibay and Rodrigo Vazquez.

The selected photos will be on display in the Cultural Area of the SITEUR in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and the grand opening will be on September 7th , 2012.

This is our 6th exhibition in less one year .


“Movilidad” #Mexigers_movilidad

Organiza: @igersMexico / @igersGuadalajara / otros 5 grupos igers en México / SITEUR /

Fecha : 7 de Septiembre del 2012

De que se trata:  Una exhibición de fotografía móvil por medio de participación en instagram. Se mostrarán 150 imágenes selccionadas por 3 expertos en fotografía y movilidad: 1. Mito Covarrubias 2. Sergio Garibay y 3. Rodrigo Vázquez. Siendo esta nuestra sexta exposición en menos de un año.

Lugar: Galería de arte del Tren Ligero de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. SITEUR (Sistema de Tren Eléctrico Urbano)

Descripción del evento:  Inspirados en la movilidad y el movimiento a nuestro alrededor, @igersmexico y SITEUR (Sistema de Tren Eléctrico Urbano)en Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. , organizado via instagram con la etiqueta #mexigers_movilidad El reto consiste en capturar a traves de la fotografía el tema de movilidad en todas sus expresiones, dando prioridad a las fotos tomadas con dispositivos móviles.

Esta fue una convocatoria abierta a todo el público usuario de instagram, comenzando el 16 de Julio hasta el 29, 2012. Durante este período se recibieron  2, 999 fotos participantes al reto  #mexigers_movilidad

150 fotos serán seleccionadas por 3 jueces invitados, Los fotógrafos profesionales : Mito Covarrubias y Sergio Garibay y el experto en movilidad no motorizada, el diseñador industrial Rodrigo Vazquez.

Las fotos serán exhibidas en la Galería de arte del SITEUR en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México y la inauguración será el 7 de septiembre del 2012 y finaliza el 8 de octubre.



Some of the art in Movilidad

Photo Credit: Jorge Perez

Photo Credit: Friedel Arce 

Photo Credit: Maricarmen Romero

Photo Credit: Ximena Uribe

Photo Credit: Hans K.

Photo Credit: Guadalupe Acevedo

Photo Credit:  Marco Morell

Photo Credit:  Alvaro Altamirano


Sponsors:  Tequila José Cuervo Tradicional, La Caja Mágica ( Photography Radio Station in Guadalajara), HMH, SITEUR (Electric Urban Train System), We Are Juxt , Contrasentido (Cultural online magazine)




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