Alessio Castaldo

Alessio Castaldo  San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

“Child into a man body. Man with the eyes of a child.”

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Artist Statement

Photographer, blogger and copywriter. Copywriter, blogger and photographer. Pictures and Words to communicate.  Born in 1972, lives in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy.  His early website collects photographs from his very beginnings, divided into four sections: world, nature, people, curiosity, the starting points of his personal journey through the wonders that surround us. His eye observes in ecstasy the evolution of the world, sometimes frenetic, other more quiet.  At the time when the shades and the flow of the elements overlap, the eye stops time, estranging a moment of life from his context of natural movement.  Everything is still, yet lives in the particular detail of forms and in colors transparency. Now the second chapter: London, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Paris.  City becomes the ideal area in which to refine the art of street photography, the art form that draws the eye to the emotions of those encountered.  Joy, pain, loneliness all become shades this photographic technique allows you to explore, from the classic shots of Cartier-Bresson to the present and innovative of Joel Meyerowitz and many more.

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*Alessio Castaldo passed away fighting cancer.  Please consider supporting his family by purchasing the photo book “Love.”  All proceeds will go to his family. RIP


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